The importance of gay-straight alliances

“Mom? I don’t feel well. Can I stay home?”

I looked at Colin with some concern. I had to head out the door in literally one minute and this was the first time he’d mentioned being sick. He didn’t look sick though. His forehead was cool, his cheeks a normal tone, his eyes clear and bright (well, bright for 6:30am).

“What’s wrong?” I asked. He thought for a moment.

“It feels like there’s a black hole inside my nose.”

I stared at him in amazement then started to laugh. A black hole? Really? I’ll give him credit for imagination but… no. Thankfully he was smiling as I got ready to leave.

“Mom, that would mean time’s going more slowly around my nose so it’s not aging as fast. I’m going to have a really young nose,” he cheerfully exclaimed.

He seemed fine when I called from work to say goodbye and cheerful when I got home. However, one of the first things he asked was if he could stay home tomorrow because it’s only a half day for most of the school so they’ll be doing nothing much all afternoon. He’s already missing Friday though because he’s refusing to go on the field trip (again) and his school’s off for three days next week.

I know he’s not happy at school, he tells me this repeatedly, and I know he doesn’t really have any friends either. He panics when he doesn’t have anything to listen to for his bus ride. He needs something to block out the kids on the bus. But, he needs an education too.

I turned him down then quickly checked the phone for messages. There weren’t any. I left a message this morning for the teacher who’s supposed to be running the gay-straight alliance and asked for a call back. Nothing so far. Maybe tomorrow? Considering the luck we’ve had so far, I’m figuring it’s a 50/50 chance I’ve even got the right name. At this point I’m not entirely sure if I’m trying to get Colin into a school run program or break into a top secret military organization. The secrecy level seems equally high.

However, when the GSA is running and able to be found, it’s a great organization. A friend of mine shared a link with me today and it’s a brand new article too. It’s well worth reading. The GSA can and does make a huge difference (when it can be found).

Gay-straight alliances in schools reduce risk for all students


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