Not exactly an update

I posted on Thursday saying I’d update today on how Jeremy’s first night at his group went.

I got to work yesterday morning and thought to myself, “Jeremy’s got a doctor’s appointment next week. I should double check the date. I sure hope it’s not on a Tuesday. Now that we’ve found this group, I don’t want him to have to miss one”. I was half-right. It wasn’t next week but it was on a Tuesday. This Tuesday to be exact!

The thing is, Jeremy developed a needle phobia over the past few years. He was supposed to get his mandatory 15 to 17 year old needle (diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough) last year. We went to the walk in clinic and left, three hours later, sans needle. I called the public health department to find out what I could do as that needle was not happening. I got told to take him to the public immunization clinic because they dealt with needle phobias all the time; it wouldn’t be a problem at all. We got escorted out, politely, by security. The phobia was a problem. The public health department gave him a year’s deferral, saying maybe a year would make a difference.

Last month I went to our family doctor and explained the situation. The phobia had not been outgrown. I suggested roofies. The doctor offered a combination of ativan and another drug. He uses this combination for claustrophobic patients who need MRIs. I was told Jeremy would need to take the medication an hour in advance and would be mellow and a bit sleepy by the appointment.

I’m sure you can understand why I put the whole appointment out of my mind. Six foot one and hysterical are not a good combination and I’d already gone through four hours of this last year. I was dreading another repeat. He had ativan at his last dentist appointment. It hadn’t worked.

I raced home after work, put an EMLA patch on Jeremy then handed him the pills.

“Which one do I take first?” he asked, eying them curiously.

“The big one,” I replied as I grabbed his immunization sheets.


“I don’t know,” I said. Five minutes until we had to leave. “You asked, they’re both supposed to be taken at the same time.”

He took them and we headed out the door. Jeremy, like usual, joked and laughed the whole way to the bus stop, talking not only to me but the random stranger beside us. He quieted down slightly when we transferred to the next bus. Halfway there, I noticed he was staring at the blue ceiling light. He didn’t know why. He kept watching it anyways.

He staggered when he got off the bus and nearly walked the wrong direction. We’ve seen this doctor his whole life.

He woke a bit when the doctor took out the needle and panicked. Thankfully, he was too woozy to do anything other than stand in the corner and yelp when the needle went in.

“You did it!” I cheered as he stared at me in confusion. “Let’s go out for dinner.”

We went to his favourite Thai restaurant and ordered hot and sour soup. He took one bite and promptly passed out into it. Then I had the fun of putting him into his coat and taking him home… on two separate buses… an hour’s trip. He slept through most of it. I have the feeling, if he’d gotten the needle two hours after he’d taken the drug instead of one, he wouldn’t have even noticed the needle. He might not have even noticed the doctor.

Our last bus driver let us off at the lights and wished me luck getting him home. Jeremy staggered off then mumbled something unintelligible at me.

“Umm… you have to pee?” I guessed by the tone of voice. Another unintelligible mumble, this one was shorter and sounded affirmative. “We’re almost home,” I assured him before steering him in the right direction.

“Whoa,” he announced a short time later. “I see home.” This was clear as a bell.

“Hon, we live in a high rise and we’re in our parking lot. I sure hope you see home.”

We walked in the door and he insisted (almost coherently) he was going on the computer as soon as he used the toilet. Instead, he staggered into his room and crashed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wake him up in the morning. I’m beginning to wonder if the doctor prescribed him elephant sedatives.

Next Tuesday I’ll have an update on group. This Tuesday, he’s sleeping fabulously. And, yes, I checked, he did manage to make it onto his bed before passing out.

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