A letter for Jeremy’s teacher

I was in the kitchen making dinner when Jeremy wandered in.

“Mom? My teacher’s making us watch the Olympics in class,” he informed me. He leaned against the counter.

“Did you tell her we’re not watching them and why?”

He nodded. “She told me I have to, that it’s un-Canadian not to cheer for our Olympic athletes.”

Un-Canadian? I was already mad to begin with. That bit made me furious. I sat down after dinner to write her a brief note. I’ve already got a meeting with the school this Monday. I have a feeling it should be interesting.

Dear __________,

Due to Russia’s treatment of their LGBTQ community, Jeremy and I are boycotting the Winter Olympics. As Canadians, we feel very strongly about equal rights. Jeremy is willing to do school work or a current event assignment in place of watching the Olympics.

Thank you,


I’ll let you know what feedback I receive regarding the letter and what happens regarding Jeremy and this class assignment.


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