Why? Why?

I headed off to bed last night and told Jeremy to go to bed too because he needed to be up at 6am.

“I just have one video to watch Mom, then I’m going right to bed.”

At midnight he was in my room complaining he just couldn’t fall asleep. At 3am he was in my room, tearfully explaining that every time he started dozing off, he woke up thinking there was something (someone?) under his bed who was going to pull him out then kill him. At 5am he was making herbal tea.

I walked into the living room at 6am to find Jeremy peacefully asleep on the couch with a video open on the computer. What was he watching last night? A video on Uganda’s anti-gay laws.

*head desk*

Why he thought that would be something to watch directly before bed, I’ll never know. As it is, it looks like someone’s staying home from school today.


One thought on “Why? Why?

  1. Oh boy, he needs some lighter night time viewing. At least the Stephen Fry docu ends well. I’ll think on making a playlist for him.

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