Emma’s boyfriend…

My daughter Emma has a boyfriend. In real life this isn’t news. They’ve been friends for years and have been dating for half a year now. I just don’t think I’ve mentioned this here before.

They came over for a visit today. As usual, her boyfriend, Mark, was friendly and cheerful. Jeremy was playing his Saint’s Row video game and Mark sat down to watch and offer suggestions, while listening to Jeremy’s explanations of what was happening. Then Emma asked if they could go to the mall. I didn’t need to go with them. I said that was fine and Jeremy jumped at the chance to go shopping.

They returned an hour later. Emma rushed over, eyes bright with excitement.

“Guess what Mark did?” she asked. She sat down beside me and continued before I could offer a reply. “This guy was in the line behind us and he started saying stuff about Jeremy’s hair and how weird and freaky it looked. Mark turned around and told him to keep his thoughts to himself and that if he said another word, Mark was going to punch him in the face.”

Mark stood in the doorway and smiled awkwardly. I gave him a thumbs up.

“Then what happened?” I asked.

Emma smiled. “The man shut up.”

I’m not a violent person at the best of times but my patience is wearing thin. I’m just glad to know Jeremy has someone willing to stand up for him when I’m not around.


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