And my heart breaks again…

I found a link on the Raising My Rainbow Facebook page. It was one of those links that I knew I shouldn’t click on but I did anyways. The link read Mom Who Complained Her Son Seemed Gay Is Convicted of Murder.

The mother and her boyfriend beat her son to death the day before his fourth birthday. Why? Because she felt little Zachary was going to be gay, posting on her Facebook page that he walked and talked like it and that her boyfriend was going to need to work on the boy “big time”.

They beat him then left him to die slowly over the course of his fourth birthday, taking him in the following day when he was beyond help.

This is Jeremy at three years old. He was the sweetest kid; outgoing, exuberant, and affectionate. This picture captures him perfectly… dressing up in his sister’s purple boots while playing with a pick up truck.



I don’t need psychic powers to know what that mother would have thought of Jeremy when he was three. She wouldn’t have wanted him as a son, as she most vehemently showed with her own boy. And she has no idea what she’s lost.

I finished reading that article then turned and picked up one of our cats. Jeremy has taught her how to give hugs, something I never would have thought of.

Jeremy has taught me a lot of things over the years but there’s one important lesson that stands out and that’s to ask “why not?”. Just because something’s usually done one way, doesn’t mean it always has to be done that way. The world will not come to a crashing halt if he takes his baby doll to school, no accidents will occur if he wears pink flip flops on the bus, and so far everyone’s survived him having long hair.

Jeremy’s now identifying as straight and male, although even now I doubt he’d be straight or male enough for that woman.

“And this is Jeremy,” I said this afternoon as I handed my cellphone to a coworker. I have a shot of him that I love that I just took a few days ago.

“Wait? This is your son?” she said incredulously. “He looks like a gir- Oh… nice photo.”

It was almost a save.

That poor little boy. There are so many people who would have loved him. Little Zachary didn’t stand a chance.


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