This is wholesome… this is love…

My friend Lenny shared a video with me this morning. It’s a response by Honey Maid to the comments they’ve received for their “This is Wholesome” video… which I forgot to share here a couple of weeks ago.

Umm, I guess better late than never works here:

Also, if anyone’s interested, they have a mini documentary on “Dad and Papa”:

Now, Lenny sent me a link to an article on Slate titled Honey Maid ad responds to homophobia with love. It contains this video and it’s well worth watching:


One thought on “This is wholesome… this is love…

  1. This commercial IS love. This commercial shows my family, we don’t actually fit into any of these beautiful families “labels,” but we are part of their community.

    I cried when I watched Honey Maid’s “Love” response because the hate they received breaks my heart for the rejection my transgender daughter will face. I cried joyfully for the love they received for all the families in this commercial and for the families like mine. Then I wrote about it, because this commercial has touched my whole being.

    A huge thank you to Honey Maid for normalizing our normal and the normal of so many other families. They could not have done it better or in a more classy manner. Perfect and a standing ovation!

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