The things I never knew…

It was after dinner and my kids were cheerfully reminiscing about when they were younger.

“Remember when you were little and you used to dress in my clothes and I’d call you Jemmy?” Emma commented. Jeremy nodded.

“And how you used to hide your Polly Pocket in your dresser so Mom wouldn’t find her?” she continued and Jeremy laughed.

“Oh yeah,” he agreed.

Wait a minute. He was doing what?

“Umm… Jeremy? Why were you hiding your Polly Pocket?”

He stared at me in amazement. “So you wouldn’t find her?” His tone said he figured this was perfectly obvious.

“You were wearing your sister’s clothes, had your own Barbie, and I took you to Build a Bear where you picked out the pinkest, most glittery bear in the store, yet you thought you had to hide a Polly Pocket from me?”

Judging by his expression, this logic had never occurred to him.

“Didn’t you ever think about who was doing your laundry? I knew they were in your underwear drawer.”

They were right beside his nightie, which presumably wasn’t a secret considering he used to wear it. But he played with his Polly Pocket too so who knows.

I had no idea he was hiding her. In fact, when I found Polly and her outfits scattered around his room I was putting them back in the drawer for him. Except for the rubber skirt our cat found, may that poor thing rest in pieces.


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