When are you going to cut it?

I dyed Jeremy’s hair on Friday. We were aiming for dark purple but the jars of Manic Panic were on the wrong shelves. I didn’t realize until after I got home and had bleach in his hair that “After Midnight” was blue and not purple. It doesn’t look much “After Midnight” either but he likes it and that’s all that counts.

I was in the middle of painting the dye onto his hair when Jeremy commented that his teachers keep asking him when he’s going to get a haircut. This is not new. Every single time he grows his hair long there’s a chorus of people asking when he’s going to get it cut. Last year, his teachers actually brought in a hair stylist then asked classmates to tell him how much better he’d look with short hair. He got his hair cut really short then immediately started growing it back out. And now they’re at it again.

Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out what the hell business it is of theirs what length hair he has. If they like short hair, they know where the hairdressers are and can get their own hair cut as short as they want. I told him to tell people he’ll get it trimmed once his hair’s down to his waist.



2 thoughts on “When are you going to cut it?

  1. I cannot even begin to understand how his teachers can behave this way. Does his hair length affect either his or his classmates educational performance? Of course not. This seems like bullying at the adult level to me. So sad. And doubly wrong. 😦

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