A mother’s intuition…

Jeremy loves to build things. My apartment is full of items that have been taken apart to see how they work then put back together again (with varying degrees of success). This Christmas my parents bought him a circuit kit that allows him to build all sorts of devices, most involving a variety of siren noises and/or flashing lights.

Last night he built a lie detector which came equipped with a bright red LED light and a whining noise that changed pitch if you told a lie. I was the proverbial guinea pig. I placed my hand on the sensors then waited.

“Okay, first question,” Jeremy said, eyeing me intently. “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” I replied. He grinned as the pitch stayed the same. Then he asked me when my last period was and I told him.

“Eww…” he blurted. “You’re telling the truth.”

“Is there any reason I should lie about that?” I replied. “Besides, you’re the one who asked.”

“Fine. Now it’s your turn to ask me questions,” he said as he tugged my hand off the detector and placed his hand down instead.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Sixteen,” he replied, rolling his eyes. “Mom, you need to ask a tricky question.”

“A tricky question…” My voice trailed off as I thought. “Okay. Are you straight?”

Instantly his hand shot off the lie detector then he burst into laughter while hastily disassembling the detector. He didn’t say a word. Then again, with that reaction, he didn’t actually need to.

He’s still claiming to be completely 100% straight but my intuition and I are going to hang out and wait. His closet might be comfy but he can’t stay in there forever.


7 thoughts on “A mother’s intuition…

  1. But- let him get there. When my mother asked me, I answered that my private life was none of her business.
    When we’re trying to figure things out for ourselves, added pressures feel overwhelming.
    You’re asking for an answer he can’t know 100% at this point in time. However well-intentioned you are, first he needs to clear up his own thoughts on the matter. I was only able to do it at 21.

      • VERY recently I was unkind in responding to one of my mother’s questions and I’m 36. All of this is complicated in a heterocentric world. I still feel that her questions when I was young were intrusive. My hetero-brother was never interrogated. His sexuality was never a matter for discussions and round-tables.
        We carry a lot on our shoulders, and we carry it for life.

      • If it’s any consolation, I’m just as tactless with Emma and she’s straight. We have very interesting dinner table conversations. Where “interesting” translates to “it’s a good thing there’s no one else at the table”.

        Plus Jeremy knows how bad I am at both open ended questions and answers, I think he finds my proverbial deer in headlights look hilarious. “Come up with any question/answer” while I just stare at him in bewilderment, trying to think of anything.

        I am trying to keep my questions to a minimum. Other than this question, it’s usually Jeremy bringing up the topic, which he does regularly. Although not nearly as much as zombies…

  2. For what it’s worth I’m in my mid-twenties and I still haven’t figured out what my orientation is. Sometimes you just learn to live with ambiguity. 🙂

    Not trying to make any assumptions, but I wonder if Jeremey is aware that “queer hetero” is a thing? I think it’s a useful term, ’cause it shows that even if he is only attracted to girls, he still doesn’t have to force himself into the narrow category of “straight.”

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