An update on yesterday’s post…

So I freely admit I have no idea what’s going on.

I got a call from Jeremy’s teacher today to let me know he was coming home early (again). I figured I’d take the time to try and sort out what exactly had been brought up regarding transgender individuals and the washroom. The teacher was more than happy to explain.

Jeremy’s class gets together with another similar class to do field trips and one of the students in the other class is identifying as male. Apparently they sat the class down and explained that this student has the choice of using the men’s washroom but right now he doesn’t feel comfortable using that washroom and would rather use the single stall handicapped washroom instead. She went on to explain that students in our region have the right to use the washroom of the gender they identify with. I thanked her for this information, explaining Jeremy had gotten the information pretty much backwards and assured her I’d explain what she’d said to me.

When I got home I talked to Jeremy about what was said. He doesn’t remember that classroom conversation at all, although he does know who the student is. The conversation he remembers started out as a discussion regarding people going into the wrong washroom; men walking into the women’s room and vice versa. Then the conversation migrated on to a discussion about trans* people. From the sounds of it, the whole conversation started out as a safety talk for vulnerable teens; an “if there’s a strange man standing in the corner of the washroom, it’s okay to leave and go tell a teacher” talk. Only it somehow devolved into a “I wouldn’t want anyone with a penis in the women’s washroom” whether the person identified as male or not. Which doesn’t sound at all like what the teacher was discussing today but Jeremy’s standing by his words.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a completely different story from Jeremy and his teacher; the whole sex ed fiasco from a couple of months ago comes to mind. I just wish their sides would match more often.


2 thoughts on “An update on yesterday’s post…

  1. It’s tough. I won’t tell you of my school stories not to horrify you- except to say that some people in positions of power at my school lied through their teeth on occasion. That included the headmaster.
    My mother and I had our issues, but if I swore to her something had happened, she believed me. That’s the only reason I still communicate with her today. She was the only one.
    I had to wait years. I had to be wealthy and successful before ‘everyone else’ listened.
    Now that formerly successful headmaster had to take up working in a third world country for a not very good salary… Listen to him, question him, make up your own mind despite what anyone else says.

    • I’ve had issues before but with Emma’s grade school principal, who had a stellar reputation for kindness and charity but a less than stellar treatment of Emma and several other students. Emma was being bullied badly. Getting kicked and punched in the hallways and pushed into lockers. I had to pull her off the school bus and buy her a bus pass for the local transit… then struggle with her to get to school on time. My struggle wasn’t very successful.

      Soon I got called in to deal with Emma’s chronic lateness. As soon as I told the principal that I was worried about the bullying and would love some help making Emma feel safer at school, the principal informed me that some kids were simply chronically late and there was nothing we could do. She then accused Emma of smoking in the bathroom and writing obscenities on school walls because several kids (the biggest bullies) claimed to have seen her. I spent a lot of time standing up for Emma that year.

      Luckily Jeremy’s issues haven’t been anywhere near as severe. I listen to him, agree that isn’t right, then move on. Unless he’s in the wrong and then I call him out on that. Thankfully he’s usually very honest, even if it’s going to get him into trouble.

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