Happy Easter!


I think Jeremy might be the only 16 year old who asked for a pizza slicer for Easter. Not just any pizza slicer, as you can see, but one that came with an attached pizza slice lifter.

Jeremy divides the year into holidays, planning half a year for Christmas and half a year for his birthday, with Halloween and Easter spread in between for smaller treats. He’s had his birthday planned since the middle of January and we still have two months to go until the actual day. The pizza cutter was deemed too small to be a birthday gift and he started begging for it as an Easter gift back in February. He also asked for a solid milk chocolate initial because apparently you can’t have a holiday without one. This would be the white box, which I turned around. Just pretend it’s a letter J.

We spent Easter with my family and the day went very well. My Dad doesn’t like Jeremy’s hair but thankfully said very little about it. Meanwhile Jeremy hung out with his cousins and took them on a bike ride to the park. Then he stuffed himself on burgers, ice cream, and way too much chocolate. It was a good day.


3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. This is the hardest part for us right now – dealing with my husband’s side of the family. They don’t live close by, so for now we are just keeping them at arm’s length. We haven’t discussed it directly with them, though I know they are talking about my son amongst themselves. After years of listening to their homophobia…I’m pretty sure what their opinion is of my son and how we’re raising him. My stance to my husband is that until they can say they accept him and show us they are safe to be around, we aren’t going anywhere near them.

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