Spring clothes

It’s spring, the time of year when many women are shaving their legs and painting their toenails in preparation for wearing shorts and sandals. Jeremy is busy growing out his leg hair and removing his toenail polish for the same reason.

Two days ago we were getting ready to go to our family Easter dinner and I told Jeremy to pull on a clean shirt.

“No problem,” he assured me. “I’ve got one on the couch.”

He’d worn that shirt three days in a row already, we had a problem.

“Jeremy, pull on a clean shirt,” I insisted.

Then he told me he had no other shirts which fit and demonstrated a couple… and he was right. We found one that was a reasonable size but it was obvious I needed to take him clothes shopping. Which we did yesterday.

A few months ago, I complained at work about my struggles to find clothes Jeremy would be interested in wearing. My young coworker Brian suggested going to Superstore to check out their Joe Fresh line. I’m so glad he did. This is their mens t-shirt section…

shirts at Superstore

We ended up picking out four bright t-shirts here and several silky soccer style shorts at Wal-Mart so he’s pretty much set for the summer. Their selection for boys was just as colourful. My only wish is they’d been that colourful when he was younger. He was happy enough seeing the shirts now but he’d have been over the moon excited when he was around 8 years old.


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