Are video games anti-LGBT?

This is a video that Jeremy was very insistent I watch last night. I’m surprised he didn’t drag me to the desk, he wanted me to see it so badly. I watched the whole video with him and told him I’d share it here as well.


3 thoughts on “Are video games anti-LGBT?

    • That is interesting.

      Sadly the chances of us playing another Mario game any time soon are slim. Jeremy accidentally spilled water onto our Wii then tried to fix it by pouring rice into the game slot. Then he tried to dry it off in front of our electric fireplace. It was three strikes and the Wii’s out.

      I got home from work and was handed our Wii, one side warped into ripples, and rice falling from the front. As much as I miss Mario Kart, that Wii’s never working again.

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