A dress shouldn’t be confusing…

link to article

link to article

I’ve had an interesting time writing this blog post. I originally found an article about little Romeo Clarke which detailed his removal from a playgroup over his love of princess dresses. I added and linked the picture in my post but when I went back to the article for a quote, I found a “Page Not Found” notice; the article had been removed. So it was promptly scrapped. Moments later I realized I still had the photo, which had been titled with the child’s name, and did a quick Google search. Sure enough there were plenty of articles. I set out to browse articles, finding and discarding several before choosing this one.

While the rest of the paper seems rather tabloid-ish and aimed at shocking, this article seems well written and thorough, something several other articles couldn’t say. And it has a video from the Telegraph at the bottom, which I’d wanted to include. I’m warning you in advance, he’s seriously adorable in the video. The above picture, which links to the article, is a still from the video.

Here’s a quote from the Minister in Training of the church running the after school program:

“Buzz Children’s Club seeks to follow our usual safeguarding guidelines and we did so in this case in order to avoid any confusion or possible conflict or teasing from other children.”

As with Grayson and his My Little Pony backpack, it appears their official bullying policy is victim blaming instead of dealing with any issues that might arise. How hard would it be to say “Romeo is a boy who likes wearing princess dresses and that’s fine”? Hopefully Romeo will find a better club to attend.

And kudos to his parents for letting him be himself!


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