The quirks of puberty…

Jeremy’s gained about twenty pounds over the last half a year, placing him solidly in the overweight section of the BMI. I don’t pay too much attention to that chart as it’s often inaccurate but Jeremy does need to lose some weight.

Most of the weight has settled around his waist, a bit on his face, and the rest landed solidly on his chest. I’m pretty sure I went out and bought a training bra for Emma when she was around that size, although that was more because she was twelve and desperately wanted a bra than out of any real need.

The first thing I did once I realized how much Jeremy’s chest had grown was look up ‘male breast development during puberty’. Apparently gynecomastia is quite common, with somewhere around half to two thirds of all male teens going through some degree of breast development; the vast majority of those breasts fading within a few months to a couple of years.

Then I dithered on how to broach the subject. Jeremy hadn’t mentioned anything, maybe he hadn’t noticed. I decided to wait, going over reassurances for him in my mind. It’s normal, it’s common, they’ll fade…

“Hey Mom. Look! I have breasts!” Jeremy’s tone was pure ‘it’s Christmas morning and Santa’s arrived’. Apparently those reassurances I’d planned weren’t necessary.

For a kid who’s never noticed breasts much to begin with, he’s sure excited to see them on himself.


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