Fighting back nerves…

All this week I figured I’d write a post today about how I’m sending my almost 17 year old son on a trip to another province, via a road trip with a total stranger and four other teens from a different congregation, and why I wasn’t worried at all. I lied (to myself at least).

Jeremy’s going to CanUUdle tomorrow, the Canadian Unitarian Universalist youth conference, and I’m having a quiet freak out in my room.

Jeremy is looking forward to the holiday, other than the six hour car ride. *Cough* I might have told him it was four or five. I gave him his Doctor Who towel early because they’re going swimming on Sunday and I’m lending him my camera (and hoping he’ll actually use it).

We got a 14 page information package to read, which details what they’re doing this weekend. It includes this statement: Anyone who feels that his/her/ze’s time as a youth is coming to an end in the near future can participate in the bridging ceremony. That sentence, among others, should make me more comfortable and it has to a point.

But now reality is setting in. I looked at Jeremy’s pyjamas a few days ago and they were really bad; I’m talking they looked like the losing end of a fight with a weed whacker. In frustration I gave him a pair of my own pj bottoms that are way too long on me. I figured he’d wear them around the apartment and we’d buy a new pair for the youth trip. We already had a pj shopping trip planned for tonight. He tried them on and modeled them for me. They fit perfectly. Minutes later he was back in his old pyjamas.

“What? You didn’t like them?” I asked.

He looked at me in surprise. “No, I liked them,” he replied. “I’m saving them for the youth trip.”

Those pj bottoms are not unisex. They’re teal blue and made out of a silky material. There’s no way they came out of the men’s department anywhere.

“The youth trip,” I repeated faintly.

“Yes,” he agreed. “I’m going to need pyjamas and these will be perfect. Don’t they have a top?”

I pulled the top out and he tried it on then laughed hysterically.

“These actually fit my breasts,” he said gesturing to the built in bra. “What do women with actual breasts do?”

“Not fit it,” I said dryly. “There’s a couple of reasons why I never wear that top.”

He laughed and pulled it off. “It’s not very comfortable,” he commented.

“And that would be the other reason,” I replied, sticking it back into the drawer.

We went out today and bought a soft teal blue t-shirt.

“I don’t normally wear a shirt to bed,” Jeremy complained.

“You’re going to be sleeping in a large group,” I pointed out. “You’ll need one.” He grudgingly agreed.

So, my son with the long purple hair will be heading off tomorrow to sleep in a large group of teenagers while wearing ladies sleepwear. Right now he’s cheerfully buying and downloading Doctor Who videos for the car ride. Meanwhile I’m going to sit in the corner and breathe into a paper bag.


2 thoughts on “Fighting back nerves…

  1. I understand how you must feel. There are times when the smallest things can cause the biggest stress for us moms. And then something like this- a trip that could cause a mom to freak out just a little under any circumstances- comes along and there’s so much we have to worry about above and beyond the normal everyday concerns.

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