Let the parents decide…

I’ll admit I don’t see much in the way of news, but even my rock gets internet so I have seen some; including a few articles on Michael Sam (and the brief kiss that’s apparently going to last forever). One comment I’ve seen a few times is that “Reporters/newscasters/media should let parents decide when to discuss certain topics with their kids instead of springing it on them in the news.”

What parent really believes life waits for them to decide when to have these conversations? Really? C’mon, you’d think that ship would have sailed when your toddler wanted to know why Daddy has a penis. At the dinner table. With guests over.

Or am I the only lucky one to have conversations like this?

I don’t remember having a discussion about same sex relationships although I’m assuming we had one. It probably came up very early as I’ve got close friends who are both male and have been together since Colin was born. Apparently the conversation wasn’t memorable. I can’t say the same about our conversation on cross dressing.

It all started on a lovely summer’s trip to the park. I got the kids fed and toileted, slathered them in sunscreen, collected a handful of toys, and set out. We were almost there when a person approached us. They were tall, at least 6ft, and looked even taller in stilettos. Despite it being barely after lunch, they were all dressed up for a night on the town. Make up, styled hair, evening gown… they were ready to go. And, just to make the experience even more interesting, the person wanted directions to the local jail where their boyfriend was waiting for a visit. I’ve found that when life hands us an experience, it goes all out.

I assured the person they were on the right road to get to the local jail and it was no more than a ten minute walk away, then agreed that it must stink to have their boyfriend behind bars. The whole time both kids stared up wide eyed.

They watched the person walk away (a lot more gracefully than I would in heels) then Kait turned to me and said, “Mommy, why is that man wearing a dress?”

The people who complain about how the news took away their right to plan for a conversation seem to think life gives you hours to come up with some suitable answer; in reality it gives you a handful of seconds.

My answer was, “Because he wants to”. Those four little words answered Kait’s question entirely.

I was in the car with my Mom and Kait last week and somehow the conversation came to that trip to the park. I got to the end of the story and my Mom piped up…

“You could have just said he was weird.”

“No I couldn’t,” I replied. There was a long pause.

“No,” my Mom said thoughtfully. “I guess you wouldn’t.”

One thought on “Let the parents decide…

  1. Right? I’ve gotten, “My kid is too young to deal with this.” Really? Because I think your kid is dealing with it just fine (the one who is all buddy-buddy with my kid? yeah, that one.), now *you* on the other hand….

    So, yes, in short, I totally agree with you.

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