And so it continues…

I sent a brief email to the LGBTQ group facilitator. I thought it was concise and easy to understand:

Jeremy’s refusing to go to [LGBTQ group]. He’s saying that all the other youths, except for [bus kid], are ignoring him and refuse to talk to him. I’d like to get your impression of what’s going on.
Thank you for your help,


This was the response I received:

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I am sorry that Jeremy feels that way. [LGBTQ group] is meant to be a safe environment for LGBTQ youth to come and engage in pro-social activities. As a facilitator I aim to ensure the safety and security of the youth, as well as, provide plans and activities for them to engage in. Some of the upcoming planned events for group I hope that it will provide more group engagement.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to let me know.

I don’t know why she offered to answer additional questions when she never even answered my original one. Lenny’s comment was that the email’s a generic message and I feel the same way. It’s like the facilitator stuck a sentence into a form letter then emailed me back. I honestly have no idea how to respond and she gave me nothing tangible to encourage Jeremy with. She mentions upcoming planned events but nothing’s listed so I can’t even try to tempt him with something cool.


2 thoughts on “And so it continues…

  1. It is GENERIC, and there’s nothing more infuriating than generic. The other day I was on the phone to my internet provider and I asked the girl if it wasn’t more trouble finding 10 excuses to not answer my question than just looking up the answer in the first place.
    She seemed genuinely embarrassed, so I’m opening with that from now on: “Before you try to avoid answering my questions, let me warn you I have no intention of giving up, so let’s do each other a favour and try to be helpful- or I can make your day as bad as you’ll make mine.”

  2. I just read her email to Jeremy who sighed and said, “That’s not giving me much hope.”

    I’ve switched to small companies in the hopes of getting better customer service. I find the big providers tend to be worse, when you’re one of a thousand people they’ve talked to today, you don’t mean nearly as much. I’d just hoped for more from a small group though, especially one already dealing with kids who are looking for a safe place.

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