Not exactly a birthday update…

So far I have heard nothing from the two teens who were invited to Jeremy’s birthday party. My number is on the invitations and I called P’s mother as well and left a message. *Cue crickets chirping* Jeremy doesn’t seem to care either way; that could be because this is only one of three birthday celebrations for him.

We’re going to my parents’ house on Wednesday and having a birthday barbecue there, complete with an ice cream cake. Jeremy’s cousins, grandparents, and his aunt will be there as well. A nice family celebration.

Thursday’s his actual birthday. We already planned on going to our favourite Thai restaurant for lunch and, since it looks like tomorrow’s party will be a bust, we’re going go-karting that day too. Then we’ll have homemade cake for dessert that night.

Back in January Jeremy picked out a flower candle for his cake. Not just any flower though, you light the main candle and it lights all the others while the flower unfolds and spins to music. It’s pretty pink pyrotechnics… I’ve got a video of it in this post. Then we settled on chocolate cake and I told him he could pick the colour of the frosting. He chose purple with purple sprinkles because that’s his favourite colour. It dawned on me today that he’s having a bright purple cake topped with a huge bubblegum pink flower. I might as well just slap a Barbie on top and call it a day.

And so, while it looks like the friend birthday party is a bust, he’s still got enough birthday celebrations to keep him happy. And I can’t wait until he opens his TARDIS mug and Doctor Who t-shirt.


One thought on “Not exactly a birthday update…

  1. The candle is hilarious. I’ve never seen anything like it.
    Adolescence is the age of cliques. Even the lgbt group will have its own cliques within the clique. He just has to keep looking until he finds a group that suits him well. Who knows, it could be a group of pink automaton candle lovers, or purple hair enthusiasts.
    I spent my teens pretending to be like everyone else; so people attended my birthday, but that made me feel even more alone.
    When I was finally 21 and discovered there were more people like me in the world- that’s when my life really began. I was in shock. I’d been led to believe my interests were ‘abnormal’ for boys.
    At least Jeremy feels comfortable expressing himself in the safe-zone you’ve created for him 😉

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