Falling through the rabbit hole of bad journalism

Lenny shared an article on Facebook this afternoon, which I read on my bus ride home from work. When I got home, I decided to check the actual articles as well, which had me fall down a small rabbit hole of bad journalism.

Here’s the article Lenny posted, which critiques the main article.

Reporting around R. Kelly’s Child Shows Depth of Trans Ignorance (I should clarify that this one is the good article)

And that article includes a link to the main article…

R. Kelly’s daughter is now a boy

The author of this article starts off by claiming Jay “is part of the latest trend in the “Transguy” culture, where young people are choosing to claim whatever gender they identify with the most.”

So, all of my trans readers… you’re now as trendy as an owl drinking Earl Grey while wearing a mustache (Lenny’s going to find a way to make an image of that because nothing shows up in Google Images).

Lenny and zir cousin followed through… here it is!!!


Then the author goes on to say the only source of information they could find was wikipedia because there was no other information available about trans guys online at all. They also refer to Jay as “she” through the whole article then ask, “Seriously, should we refer to Jay as their sister or their brother?  Please give us your opinion.  We want to make sure we’re respectful to Jay’s transition into adulthood.”

Lenny commented that slip-ups with gender happen and, well, yeah. I had one memorable 1am conversation with Emma where I referred to Lenny by three different pronouns in one sentence. Let’s just say 1am and I do not get along. But for a whole freaking article? Maybe I overlooked it but I’m not seeing the respect here.

This article includes a link to the article they got their information from and it’s even more brief.

R. Kelly’s daughter identifies as a “transguy”

The article doesn’t mention he’d like to be called Jay, refers to him as “she” through the whole brief article and includes the following quote.

“Just hitting the pivotal age where people truly find themselves and carve out their identity for adulthood, she is finding her way. She currently doesn’t see this as living the way most females would. Instead, Jaya Kelly dresses a bit different, in fact in a masculine manner.”

That’s it for any sort of information in the article… he dresses in a masculine manner. Alrighty then.

Just pretend I’ve got a witty and eloquent ending for this post. Jeremy didn’t sleep last night and bounced into my room two seconds after my alarm went off (at 4:45am by the way) with a cheery, “Good morning Mom! I heard your alarm clock. Do you want me to turn on your light for you?”

My reply was “Gahh… no…” and I’m still not very awake. Although I am more awake than Jeremy. Which reminds me, I need to go poke him again…


3 thoughts on “Falling through the rabbit hole of bad journalism

  1. The “latest trend in the ‘Transguy’ culture”, is like the latest trend in the idiotguy culture where ignorant fools claim they can or should write about things of which they have no great knowledge or understanding! When are people going to go back to the days where writing about something required a certain measure of research, dignity and respect?
    Dresses in a masculine manner? Seriously? Perhaps someone could remind them that fundamentalist Mormon women dress in a potato sack manner and no one implies they want to be potatoes. How about women in Burqas? Are they really duvets in women’s bodies?

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  3. Yikes! That article is a nightmare! And I have been known to mess up on gender pronouns myself- but it’s a mistake- some blip on the radar from 3 years ago that slips through.

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