10 Handsome Men who were born looking female…


The above picture gallery just showed up in my Facebook news feed, so I immediately had to share.

Also, tomorrow’s Jeremy’s 17th birthday. We’re having his family dinner tonight; a slightly soggy barbecue with my parents, his paternal grandmother, Emma, my sister, and my two nephews… so a fun evening. Then I’m baking his cake tonight and taking him go-karting tomorrow.

He’s also home today due to a run of insomnia. Last night he went to bed at 5pm (again) and woke up at some ungodly hour only to fall back to sleep at 6am. Considering he needed to get up at 7am, this was not going to work. He’s since had a nightmare about a spider the size of a rat crawling on him and is now up for the day. At least he’ll have plenty of time to clean up his bedroom.


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