Objects in the mirror may appear closer…

I can’t remember what we were arguing about but Jeremy yelled, “You’re always after me about my gender identity. You don’t stop and you keep asking and asking until you get an answer.”

That left me speechless. I had literally no idea what to say. I mentioned this to Lenny, saying I had no idea what he was talking about, and zie commented that he could be referring to the blog. That sounded like a possibility but I figured the only way to know for sure was to ask.

We were washing dishes the next evening. Jeremy was in good spirits, laughing and chatting. I figured it would be a good time to broach the subject.

“Jeremy,” I said hesitantly. “Last night you said I keep bugging you about your gender identity. That I won’t stop harassing you until you give me an answer. Do you really feel like that?”

“Well, yes,” he answered.

“Umm… could you give me an example?” I asked.

He thought for a moment then said, “A few days ago you read me an article then asked me for my opinion.”

There’s a time and a place for tact. I figured this was that time.

“Hon, I bet you’re thinking a lot about your gender right now and sometimes that can feel like this much stress.” I held my hands about twenty centimeters apart. “And when I brought up that article it gave you about this much stress.” I held my hands about two centimeters apart. “Then, when you put them all together you have *this* much stress. But it’s not all from what I said, a lot of it is internal.”

He shrugged. “That makes sense,” he said then he changed the subject. I’m not nearly tactless enough to change it back.

And now it’s Canada Day! I need to frost my cupcakes then we’re off to visit friends, eat pizza and watch the fireworks tonight. Hopefully they’ll be real fireworks and not the displays mother nature sometimes shows… there are severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. First sound of thunder and I’m out of there.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers and I hope everyone else has a great day too!


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