Good for her…

Back in February I posted about a woman named Avery Edison who spent the night in a men’s prison. She’d previously overstayed her visa and got detained as soon as she landed in Canada. She’s now filed human right’s complaints on both provincial and federal levels.

Here’s the Toronto Star article and a video on CTV News.

I was making vegetable and tofu tempura for dinner tonight, which meant lots of prep and cooking time… and lots of time to chat. I reminded Jeremy about what happened before and told him what’s happening now, briefly summarizing the articles.

He gazed at me thoughtfully. “I don’t know,” he mused. “I don’t think a women’s prison would be the best choice, because of rape.”

I’d waded briefly through the Facebook comments on the Toronto Star article so this wasn’t the first time that hour I’d seen/heard this argument. However, it wasn’t one I’d expected from Jeremy.

Umm… what do you mean?” I asked hesitantly. He looked at me like he couldn’t believe how naive I was.

“Mom,” he said patiently. “She has a penis. She might get raped if she’s in the women’s prison.”

Which was a good point but…

“Hon, she might get raped in the men’s prison too and she wanted to be in the women’s prison.”

He nodded then sighed. “Sometimes there aren’t any easy answers. Why wasn’t she allowed to move to Canada?”

I put down my knife and dumped the last of the veggies into the bowl, moving onward to the tofu. “Oh, she wasn’t trying to move to Canada. She was just visiting her girlfriend.” I paused for a second. “Trans people can be gay too.”

“Yes, I know,” he said simply.

“I think what confused the prison officials the most was that she has a penis but not everyone wants to have extensive surgery on their genitals.”

Jeremy nodded. “And it would make even more sense if they’re gay.” That would be when he lost me.

“What would make sense?” I asked in confusion.

“Not having surgery,” he replied in a matter of fact tone. “Because then they could have their own kids.”

With that he went back to the living room and promptly blew up the TARDIS in Garry’s Mod. Which apparently was an accident because he thought he had the sonic screwdriver and instead he was holding the physics gun. But he restored it so everything’s fine (and I have only the foggiest idea of what any of that meant).

Also, this is pretty standard fare for our dinner conversations. I’m thinking we might win a prize for unusual dinner time talks although I have a sneaky feeling that prize might simply be less dinner invitations. Which, considering Jeremy and I aren’t very social, would count as a win for both of us.


4 thoughts on “Good for her…

  1. Ah yes, being trans and wanting kids. That’s something I think about a lot.

    Estrogen causes male gonads to become infertile, so trans women who want children have to bank their sperm before they begin hormone treatment. And the surgery usually isn’t performed until after someone has been hormones for a while. This means that trans women have to make the decision about kids long before the decision about surgery.

    In the future we may be able to grow gametes from stem cells. That’d mean that every couple, regarldess of orientation, gender or fertility status, would be able to have genetic children together. I think that’d be pretty cool.

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