So I talked to Jeremy earlier…

I’ve read him the comments, he liked them but other than saying he figured I liked the comment about me being a good mother, he didn’t have much to say. Which makes for boring replies.

He’s not sure what clothes he would wear, just that they’d be different if he wasn’t worried about what people would say or do. Not dresses, because he says they aren’t comfortable, and not a beanie cap with a propeller, or lime green skinny jeans, or an orange fuzzy crop top (I might have gotten a tad silly). But if he sees something he’ll point it out to me. I did assure him that home’s a safe place, where he can wear whatever makes him feel comfortable. Presumably he already knew this since he’s currently wandering around in ladies pyjamas and orchid scented body lotion but I figure a reminder doesn’t hurt.

It’s funny. Jeremy came out as bisexual about a year ago but is now straight (after months of waffling and uncertainty). I was making dinner tonight and pictured posting in another year, “Whoops, Jeremy’s now identifying as straight and 100% male. Anyone want to see some cat pictures?”

Which is possible. While he’s never had a firm grasp on gender, this is also the same kid who had crushes on boys since primary school. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

The plus side is I’ve got three cats and copious amounts of pictures 🙂

This blog post is a tad short but Jeremy didn’t sleep last night. At all. Which means I’m running really short on sleep too and my words just aren’t connecting the way they should. But I did want people to know the replies had been read and appreciated.

Also, this is Jeremy’s current favourite song (the words start after about a minute). Enjoy 🙂

Edited to add: I wandered into the living room to share my thoughts with Jeremy regarding the blog and how in another year, if he came out as 100% male I’d have nothing to write here.

He stared at me in astonishment (I get that look regularly). “Umm, no. I’m sure you’ll always have something interesting to blog about.”

As I was heading back to my room he called, “And don’t blog about the cats!”


2 thoughts on “So I talked to Jeremy earlier…

  1. Jeremy sounds like such an awesome kid! I always say that you get the kids you need- for whatever reason. You’ve got an original one there- he reminds me of Kris.

  2. Hahaha – I’ve thought the same thing about my son. Will I eventually be saying, “see, let them explore and voila, here you have the result: my heteronormative cisgender blah blah blah”?

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