Jeremy’s disappointment…

Jeremy loves to watch a YouTube channel called Just Kidding News. The show involves several young adults who get together and share their views on recent events. I get the feeling Jeremy looks up to these youths and values their opinions. He talks about them a lot.

About a week ago, Jeremy told me I had to watch a video on a South Carolina teen who was told to remove his makeup for a DMV photo. The video starts at 5:06 and also include a lot of swearing. Jeremy’s expression said he hadn’t enjoyed it at all, which had been a surprise for me (before I watched the video) since he usually enjoys their shows:

Once the video was done he simply said, “They’re wrong”. Then he insisted I go to the comment section (which is not a place I go willingly) and read this comment in particular. He said it was the best of the lot:

Ryan Degen 1 week ago
+Kha Pham First of all, sex, gender, and gender expression are three different things. “Sex” refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. “Gender” refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women. “Gender expression” is any and all mannerisms, personal traits, etc. which serve to communicate a person’s identity as they relate to gender and gender roles. This is typically represented in terms of masculine, feminine, and androgynous, but regardless if someone is a male, female, gender neutral or otherwise can be present in people of any gender or gender expression- even though they are often associated with men, women, and non-binary genders respectively.

Second, for EVERYONE saying this is just an IDENTIFICATION OR SECURITY ISSUE; it isn’t – this very much is a “social justice” issue as some have phrased it.

Individuals who consider themselves trans- or express their gender in ways that don’t conform to the mainstream norms and expectations of what a male or female should be experience discrimination on a near daily basis. Even if they do directly experience discrimination they still are reminded that they do not meet up to such definitions and the psychological impact that can have on such individuals CAN BE (but is not always) severe.

Even if this was for IDENTIFICATION, it was mentioned he wears makeup on a daily basis. I understand that as: on a DAILY basis, he attempts to FEMINIZE his appearance. If in his ID it says “male” and he looks more feminine than what the “average male” looks, then won’t that be just as confusing? Are you saying he shouldn’t drive unless he looks exactly like his DMV photo? Think about this reasonably: if a female wears a drastic amount of makeup that alters the appearance of her facial structure, isn’t that the same a guy attempting to feminize his? Here’s an example of what makeup can do to a person: [ ] The fact is, no one has an issue if a female wears makeup to alter or improve her appearance, but if a man does to do anything but cover blemishes (for instance, to look more feminine) it’s criticized. I’m just going to call you and everyone out on this: YOU ARE BEING HYPOCRITICAL AND HETEROSEXIST. Also, don’t even try to backtrack and say if a female alters her appearance like the example I provided then it should be unacceptable, because at this point you will only be saying it after the fact I called you on your bullshit.

And again, if this is a security and identification issue: I have seen drag queens (who wear a hell of a lot more makeup than this guy or the average female) get through airport security even though their ID shows a photo of them without makeup. If you can get through airport security then I doubt this will be a problem  And again, even if you find a way to make it an issue, guess what? He will probably have more ID on him while driving.

Third, for all of you who have been saying that if “he” wants to wear makeup he should have to get a legal sex change:

Do you even know what the legal requirements are to get a sex change? Do you know what physical requirements he has to meet? Even if you are, are you aware that transitioning from a male to female is a PROCESS… A process that can take many years. A process that NEEDS to be slow and gradual for some. Also, he may not be trans; he may just express his gender differently from mainstream ideals, so are you saying he’s shit out luck then? Again, if you are, it’s heterosexist. Deal with it – be humble – admit you’re wrong ffs.

That was a really long comment to read, especially out loud. Jeremy nodded as I read it, agreeing quite strongly with the author. It was obviously a quote he’d read before, which impressed me as Jeremy struggles with reading. I was also disappointed for him because he’d had to wade through a bunch of crappy comments to get to this one (and who knows how many more after).

He told me he wanted to write a letter to the Just Kidding News crew but he couldn’t find any way to contact them directly, then showed me how there wasn’t any link on any of their social media sites other than tweeting them. I told him if he wrote a letter, I’d put it on the blog then we’d find a way to link it on their Twitter page. I’ve never used Twitter before. He wrote a bit but now can’t find it, apparently it didn’t save properly.

I got home from work today and began to make dinner. A short while later, Jeremy came into the kitchen to show me this video, where they address the comments on the previous video. It starts at 13:00. Jeremy was even more upset.

I don’t know which surprised me more, their ignorance or how willing and eager they were to attack their own viewers. I think the best quote out of this whole video was when one young man claimed “the internet just made people expose their stupidity”. I think the biggest shame is these young people making this video don’t realize the ones exposing their stupidity are themselves.


2 thoughts on “Jeremy’s disappointment…

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  2. I so do not understand this issue at all. The whole identification thing is beyond comprehensible to me…like the commenter your quoted said, if he wears make up everyday and his ID is make up free…isn’t that altering his appearance?

    Aside from the fact that they DMV and these You Tube jokesters used completely faulty logic in their rationale as to why this kid should be without makeup in the picture. it is so powerfully sad that this happens over and over to people.

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