Once again Jeremy did not sleep last night and he slept for four hours the night before last. I’d have fallen over unconscious by now if that were me (or curled in a ball somewhere with a raging headache), meanwhile Jeremy’s having a bath with my peony rose bath salts and some Deadmau5. Hopefully the bath will help him sleep and the music won’t wake him too much.

It’s weird, he was the kid who slept easily and well. I can remember finding him crawling up the stairs one night, awkwardly dragging along his stuffed bunny.

“Where are you going sweetie?” I asked. He was still young enough to worry about him coming back down on his own.

“Bye bye,” he replied, complete with a tiny wave. “Beh.” The latter translates to “bed”.

And he continued his trek upstairs, or at least attempted to because I ended up scooping him up and tucking him in.

I guess all those missed opportunities to watch the sun rising to the east, almost as red as Mommy’s eyes, have finally caught up to him. I go to bed before him but he still manages to trip over the air in front of my bedroom door at least once a night. And I definitely woke when he came in at 3am to say his thoughts were racing too much for him to sleep. He’s since told me he was thinking about horror movies. I told him to find something more peaceful to watch tonight and threatened to dig out his old childhood favourite, “The Pokey Little Puppy’s book of Colours”. I even started to recite it from memory (I might have read it once or twice or five thousand times over the years). Judging by his reaction, it might be worth digging out as an incentive for him to go to bed. He’d probably do just about anything to stop me from reading it.

We went grocery shopping this afternoon after I got home from work. By that time I figured he’d been awake for thirty hours. I was trying to think of food I could cook while half asleep; Jeremy chattered non-stop about why video games need to have 60 frames a second instead of 30 frames and how they should be fixed… and how Nintendo’s better than Sony… and my train of thought derailed about there. I really don’t get how he can be so awake with that little sleep.

Pretend I’ve got an amazing conclusion for this post because I’m way too tired to come up with one. Also, hopefully Jeremy will sleep tonight. Going by his energy levels, he’d probably be fine, but I don’t think I could manage him being up for another night.

4 thoughts on “Insomnia…

  1. Don’t worry too much. I’ve had insomnia since I was about 9 y/o. It’s 1:30am here. I’ll work now and then fall asleep at around 4 or 5. I’ll wake up every hour after that- and then finally get out of bed between 11 and noon.
    It’s just the way my body works. Some people don’t need sleep like other people do. The quiet and darkness of my bedroom compensate for not sleeping, in my case.

      • Occasionally I just drop and spend 24 hours in bed. Napoleon and Thatcher only slept 4 hours per night. We’re used to having averages and norms pushed on us, but the reality is obviously that each body is different.
        Similarly, if I’m home I don’t eat at all until after 5pm. Just not hungry 🙂

  2. Some people are naturally programmed that way; don’t forget, it’s summer, too! People often sleep less naturally in the warmer weather, and sleep more in the winter. Teenagers also, as sleep scientists are discovering, sleep and wake naturally later, compared to adults and young children, bc of puberty (that is why there is a push in an increasing number of areas to have high school later than usual). When I was a junior and senior in high school, despite often staying up till 2 or 3 am, I got it about the equivalent of one REM cycle and still had the psychological ability to attend high school and college simultaneously on top of working a 35 hour / week job (Jersey allows 16 and 17 years to work up to 40 during the school year). Why did I stay so late? It wasn’t because of work. I had a cousin on the west coast, and we’d IM while he did his programming and I did my homework. The best (pre-parental) years of my life 🙂

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