Tomorrow’s the big day…

Well it’s a two part big day. The first half, for us at least, is aimed at Emma’s 19th birthday. She’s coming over for lunch and has requested her favourite pasta with pumpkin sauce and homemade cinnamon rolls. I’m looking forward to watching as she opens her present and to simply spending time with her and Mark.

Emma has her whole evening booked. Mark’s taking her out for dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant then they’re going out to a bar with friends. Ontario’s drinking age is nineteen so Emma’s looking forward to her first legal drink. She’s all set for a wonderful day.

Once we say our goodbyes, then comes the second half of our day when Jeremy and I go to the big family dinner. Right now I’m cautiously optimistic. Amy got Emma on her own yesterday… and apologized for her behaviour. Emma accepted her apology and her subsequent friend request on Facebook (and how did our family interactions become so Facebook-centric?) then called me to share the good news. All’s good between the two of them, which is a huge relief for me.

Amy doesn’t know Jeremy’s mad at her. She hasn’t spoken to him in at least two years, not since the last time she was down for a family visit, and that visit was short. As far as she knows I’m the only one who was bothered by her comments on my Facebook post this spring. I don’t think she realizes either of my kids read it. And she has no idea about Jeremy.

The biggest concern for both Jeremy and I is the uncertainty. Tomorrow could end up being a wonderful day, with Jeremy bouncing around with the younger kids and me chatting with the adults. Okay, more honestly, with me lurking around the fringes of the adults while messaging Lenny and furtively checking my stats. We could end up with no one saying a single negative thing about Jeremy or we could end up being bombarded with comments; a veritable deluge of the dire consequences of his hair and earrings. I’ll make sure he arrives freshly showered with clean clothes and brushed hair, that way they won’t have a platform built of legitimate complaints. Any comments beyond that can be ignored.

And we’re off. Jeremy’s been working on his bedroom and now that I know what his final goal is, I can help him get organized better. Right now his room looks like we just moved in and the movers dumped the furniture in at random (there’s a picture on Twitter) but with a bit of rearranging we can have his room set up with the living room section he’s dreaming of. It’ll be a small living room, as he has a small bedroom, but it’s doable.


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