Conversation with Jeremy

Jeremy: Mom? I have a bad feeling about our apartment; like maybe there’s a ghost in it or something. Like it’s sending off vibes.

I knew where he was coming from. Earlier he’d been looking for a missing key and tore up the entire living room. While he was hunting he discovered a small cellphone case he’d lost a while ago, neatly tucked away inside a drawer. Most people would assume someone found it and put it away but not Jeremy. He was positive he’d left it on top of the desk and he claimed was too neatly placed to have fallen in there by accident; therefore someone must have come into our apartment and placed it there. Yes, according to Jeremy we have neat and conscientious thieves who don’t steal anything. And now they were supernatural thieves. Oh joy.

Me: We don’t have a ghost. You’re simply overreacting again, like usual. Remember when you were positive the dogs barking outside were going to jump multiple stories to get through your closed bedroom window? Or how we’ll have a thunderstorm and you’re positive we’re going to have a tornado? Running around the apartment panicking because we need water, flashlights, a week’s worth of food, and somewhere to hide?

Jeremy: But those were tornado warnings.

Me: Yes, warnings. That means we’re having thunderstorms that might cause tornado clouds, not that we’re going to get a tornado; that would be a tornado watch. We haven’t had a tornado land around here in decades.

Jeremy: So none since I was born?

Me (reassuringly): No, none since you were born.

Jeremy: That’s because I’m here, full of awesomeness and sunshine! I’ve made it so we don’t have tornadoes.


4 thoughts on “Conversation with Jeremy

  1. Usually what we assume to “feel” are ghosts is usually hyper-sensitivity to electric charges. There is an episode on CSI that covers it. Even though I am not an active believer in angels, ghosts, djinn, or even Hindu asuras, I’m still respectful (think more like agnostic but will thank them if I think they lend a hand) at the idea of preternatural beings out there. Last thing is want to do is deny their existence and then get butt whooped by them.

  2. There’s an interesting article in the NYTimes about a new study that suggests autism is caused by having too many connections in the brain. I wonder if that would make Jeremy feel like the apartment was sending off vibes.

    I love his attitude about tornadoes!

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