Jeremy’s camping trip…

Jeremy came home on Sunday evening with a suitcase full of mostly unworn clothes, his thankfully unbroken TARDIS mug, and my camera. The camera was important not just because it’s mine but because I’d asked him to take some pretty specific pictures. I’ve been thinking about camping there and wanted to see what the beaches, pond, campsites, hiking trails, and caves were like. Instead he came home with four shots of the same stretch of trail.

“Why didn’t you take a picture of the beach?” I asked as I flipped through the camera once more.

“There was a naked man on the beach. I didn’t think it would be right to take his photo.”

One of the beaches is clothing optional so the naked man wasn’t a surprise.

“Why didn’t you turn around and take a picture away from him?” I asked. Judging by his expression, that thought had never crossed his mind. Jeremy and logic often have barely a nodding acquaintance.

“We have to go there next summer,” Jeremy said excitedly. “It’s much better than where we usually go and it’s closer too.”

We usually go to a provincial park called Sibbald Point. It’s a wonderful campground with a long sandy beach, sheltered sites, a heritage museum, and a lovely (albeit buggy) hiking trail. We always camp at the same site too, right near a trail to the beach. Something I don’t mind sharing because the campground has almost a thousand sites.

I didn’t bother booking a site this year as I spent almost $200 for three nights there last year then couldn’t stop thinking I could have stayed at a hotel for that amount. I love camping but, seriously, that’s a lot of money for a short amount of time.

So I went onto the Unicamp site and discovered it would cost us $25 a night to camp there… or $150 a week. Versus $49.44 a night at Sibbald Point.

“We’re going to camp at Unicamp next summer,” I told Jeremy then watched as he grinned.

“That’s great,” he replied. “We’ll have to watch the times though. If we camp in July, that’s when all the youth campers are there and they don’t let you do some stuff. It’s better to camp in August.”

“Some stuff… you mean swimming naked on the clothing optional beach,” I retorted. “You just want to oogle naked people.”

I knew full well he wasn’t planning on going nude anywhere. He won’t even walk onto our own balcony without a shirt on, just in case someone sees him topless. Peeling off everything in public is beyond unlikely.

“Well yeah,” he replied honestly.

So we have our campground picked out for next August. And, since they don’t have any pictures on the website, I’ll have to wait until then to see what it’s like.

8 thoughts on “Jeremy’s camping trip…

  1. As kids we would to Rehobeth, DE. Dad wanted to take walks while we played, as a way to lose exercise. He soon have up that idea because we were less than a mile from a GAY nude beach. Not exactly his cup of tea. I want to go back and heck it out, naturally, of course. Even after 15 years since we stopped going 😉

  2. Hmmm camping! Lol That is definitely not my thing although my husband and kids used to camp all the time. It sounds like it could be quite the adventure!

  3. Charlie! I grew up going to Rehobeth beach, too! My grandfather lived in Maryland, so we’d go there when we visited him. I have great memories of the boardwalk and saltwater taffy there.

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