Just stop staring!

Jeremy and I stopped into Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday afternoon to buy more hair dye for him. He was wearing his usual clothes; a purple polo style t-shirt, a pair of red silky soccer shorts, and a pair of black and grey sandals… all from the mens department. His hair’s faded to a faint purplish brown, it was loose and simply tucked behind his ears. He hasn’t shaved his legs in several weeks and he removed his toe nail polish directly before the family reunion. His fingernail polish is clear.

“I’m just checking the electronic section,” he informed me cheerfully.

The electronic section is a tiny corner near the front of the store containing a handful of cameras, a rack of video games, a couple of Wii consoles, and a variety of cords and headphones. No one but Jeremy’s excited by it.

“I’m not buying anything from there,” I warned him.

“I know,” he replied, still cheerfully. “I’m just looking for exercise games.”

We bantered briefly about his elliptical then I saw the man in the check out line. He turned slightly when Jeremy walked past then he completed his turn and stood there, back to the cash register, staring at Jeremy. I’m not talking a brief occasional glance or a couple of double takes… I’m talking full on, absolutely blatant staring. His face was expressionless; his eyes didn’t leave Jeremy once.

I don’t know how long the man stared. It was probably only about half a minute to a minute long but it felt like forever. I had no idea what to do. Jeremy was oblivious, happily rummaging through the games rack. I ended up doing nothing, I just put the box of purple dye on the counter and waited my turn. Eventually the man noticed me beside him, realized I was with Jeremy, and abruptly swiveled around just in time for the cashier to take his order.

Holy hell people can be creepy sometimes.


14 thoughts on “Just stop staring!

    • “It’s Wal-Mart, creepy staring dude, now turn back around.” LOL

      One of my coworkers told me I should have said to take a picture but in this day of cellphones, I was worried he’d do just that o.O

      • If it were me, I would have copied the man’s look and directed it back towards him. Maybe give him the old up-and-down eyes, squint at his clothes with a confused and disturbed expression.Murmur something like, “You might want to think about returning those…Or burning them.” But that’s just me 😛
        You’re right, it’s hard to be snarky these days with all the people that would take you seriously. Ruins all the fun.

  1. The other day this one guy kept interrupting me while I was reading and training. As nice as he was (he did tell me he was skitzo), I finally had it with his interruptions. The shift manager training me was big eyed and shocked that I did that.

    I am the one who will say something in a group. That whole group-dynamic thingy, where the more people present usually deters you from doing the right thing, usually doesn’t work on me. So used to following my own drum beat because I was always different myself, and I’ve known about this kind of psychology since only-heaven-knows-when.

    • I’m thinking you probably mean schizophrenic.

      I’m the one at work who will break up fights and tell someone to stop doing something offensive. It’s different when it’s my own kid, especially when he hadn’t noticed the guy.

      I actually yelled at a customer once and told him that if he didn’t shut up right now I was getting the manager to ban him from the store. But he was pointing at a couple of my young coworkers and claiming it was people like *that* keeping the good, hard working white people from having jobs.

      • People who say that don’t like the fact they actually have to work hard to get a job rather than have employers line up for them like back when.

      • We have the families long established in our county crying about how all the Latinos and South Asians coming in taking all the gas attendant jobs, convenience store jobs, and minimum wage jobs. Hate to break to them but most of the kids around here, unless they were farmers, don’t want minimum wage, want something they studied for. But there are townies like me struggling to get by, and they say I shouldn’t be struggling this hard and are blaming the migrant and city folk moving out here. I chalk it up to people thinking they are better than minimum wage, but these people are willing to take whatever they can get to try and make ends meet.

  2. This one is just a matter of careful framing. I was always a bit different in my fashion sense so I knew people might look (as in stare and maybe even say something at times). We can’t have it both ways, and Jeremy probably already understands that. When I was 11 I decided I wanted to wear a pith helmet (safari hat) every time I went out.- and I was willing to pay the price 😉

    • That was the weird part though. He wasn’t really dressed all that odd. The colours were bright but they were just a polo shirt and jogging shorts. His hair’s a bit long but thanks to that “trim” a month ago, it’s not unusually long. And, while it’s technically purple, his hair’s faded a lot… which is why we were there for dye. It’s currently mostly brown.

      That was why it’s so startling because he wasn’t doing anything to stand out. No pith hat, no vivid hair, no metallic nails, no braids.

      And that’s why it’s so hard because Jeremy’s already scared to go out on his own. I’m just glad he was so busy rummaging through those games that he missed this guy.

      • There are a million possibilities of why he stared. We just tend to always look for the worse. Jeremy could have reminded him of someone. He might have just been distracted, it could be anything.

  3. I don’t often notice people staring, but when I do, I stare back. Right in their eyes @_@

    Or I pretend it’s because said person finds me incredibly attractive or awe-inspiring. Like pinkagendist said, there are definitely other possibilities.

    • I’ve caught a fair number of people doing double and triple takes at Jeremy before. This guy was so blatant it threw me. Yeah, staring at back seems like a viable option.

      I’ll have to go with awe-inspiring for a possibility. Creepy guy was really creepy.

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