Barbies and Building Blocks

I love this poem…

Year of the Dyke

Ever since childhood

My toys have been mingling

From both sides of the gender spectrum

Building blocks were blue and red

Barbie’s dresses, shades of pink

But when I mixed them both together

Nothing ever felt wrong



My parents bought us all these toys

Wrestlemania figures

Toy horses with shimmering saddles

We did with them as we wished

My brother fought me over a doll

He wanted her to ride his horse

I played Pokemon in a red, gauzy dress

My hair knotted and frizzed from running

Our building block towers, standing tall

Never required a clothing boutique

Nor needed a mechanic’s garage

I played with Hot Wheels racecars

Sent them flying down the stairs and railing

I loved when Barbie wore a leather jacket

She looked better with it on than a dress

I stole a black marker and gave her a goatee

She made it look…

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