More conversations with Jeremy…

Jeremy and I were walking home from the grocery store, each with an over-stuffed buggy, when Jeremy slowed for a moment.

“Mom? Give me one very important piece of information you’ve learned,” zie said. Zie adjusted the 10lb sack of potatoes (on sale for $1.99!) and turned the cart toward home.

“Underwear on before pants,” I replied promptly. Jeremy stopped and stared at me in disbelief. I simply smiled.

“Umm… well… yes… I guess…” Jeremy finally stammered. “I was expecting ‘The Doctor always lies’.”

I probably haven’t got that far in the series.

Zie gave me another look then continued walking. “Mom, you’re weird.”

I snorted. “Seriously kid, you’re only just figuring this out now?”

“And annoying,” zie added.

“I’m not annoying,” I replied. “You’d miss me if I wasn’t here. I grow on you… like foot rot.”

“No, more like that gross mould.” Jeremy looked at my expression and backpedaled. “But some people really like mould,” zie assured me.

Yeah, thanks kid.

IΒ just finished a huge argument with Jeremy, who insisted the giant pot of tomatoes needs to come inside and live in our dining room because it’s going to die outside now that it’s getting colder and the tomato plant is growing so much that it’s obviously trying to live and needs to be saved. Meanwhile I was explaining that tomato plants are annual plants and die every winter. We are not keeping a 4ft wide plant in the dining room, just to watch it die. The tomato plant is outside now.

I also just tagged this with foot rot and mould just to see who wanders in with those search terms.
*waves at the confused people*


13 thoughts on “More conversations with Jeremy…

  1. Just so that you know, google ranks you number one for “foot rot and mould”, but your aren’t even on the list for “underwear on before pants”.
    Just so that you know.

  2. Lol love the random tags! Can’t wait to see who you catch with that net!

    I believe my kids also think I’m weird but they know that they are too. πŸ™‚

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