So, that didn’t happen…

I made plans to go out last night with a vegan/vegetarian group. It was the night before Jeremy’s big dentist appointment but I didn’t feel bad about leaving zir home alone because Jeremy had plans to see zir Dad. That was the first thing that didn’t happen. Instead zir Dad called me at the restaurant to ask how Jeremy was doing. No comments about their visit at all, just a vague “I might give him a call in the next few minutes.” I called Jeremy a short while later and zie hadn’t heard from zir Dad. I asked if zie wanted to call back instead and got a firm, “If he wants to call me and set up this visit, he has my number and can call me himself. Otherwise I’m not interested.” Jeremy was happily playing some version of Half-Life so I got off the phone and went back to the group.

I am not a social person at all so going out in a group was interesting. I did have fun though and chatted with the people beside and across from me. They’d set the meeting up at a Mexican restaurant and went through a huge effort to print out several signs saying “I am a vegan” in Spanish. This was nice but we live in Canada and I figured the chances of the staff being unable to speak English were quite slim. I was right. Everyone tried to sort out what ranchero sauce and Pico de Gallo were. Was it ranch sauce? Did Pico de Gallo have chicken in it? I wandered over to the waitress who’d let me charge my phone in the corner and asked her, explaining that I’m vegan and then what exactly that was. Sure enough they both were vegan; a red sauce and a mixture of diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. I’m not fond of cilantro (why does it taste so soapy?) but can live with it.

I showed Jeremy’s picture to the people at my table. Yes, I’m one of those parents and having a cellphone with a camera hasn’t made things any better. This led to an interesting conversation where the person beside me, who heard Jeremy’s name first, referred to zir as he/him; the person across from me, who only saw Jeremy’s picture, referred to zir as she/her; and the person who sat diagonally across from me, who made a hurried comment about belonging to several groups… some for vegans and some about queer issues, didn’t mention gender at all. It wasn’t a long conversation as we were mostly talking about food and what stores and restaurants were available locally but it was still interesting. Jeremy found it funny and was thrilled with the last person.

And then there’s today. Our doctor prescribed Jeremy a knock out combination he uses for patients that are claustrophobic and need an MRI; Ativan and Zyprexa (waits for everyone to finish googling). Jeremy took the medication and then informed me zie really wanted to go grocery shopping with me. So I took my high kid to the grocery store. That might have been my quietest shopping trip yet; zie was very happy and calm. Then my Mom came to drive us to the dentist. Jeremy slept the whole way then fell back to sleep in the waiting room. I led zir to the office and waited about five minutes before turning on Facebook. All was quiet so I updated my status saying that everything seemed good… and then heard slurred screams. Jeremy saw the needle and was freaking out with the sort of panic you’d expect from someone who’d woke to find an ax-wielding maniac in the room. The dentist ushered us out of the room, promising to contact someone who could do the surgery in the hospital under a general anaesthetic, and then Jeremy promptly passed out in the waiting room. Zie slept all the way home and is still asleep 10 hours later. The longest zie’s been up this whole time is 15 minutes… just long enough to scarf down two cans of Alphagetti and two containers of those really crappy (but tasty) cup of noodles. I took a picture off zir fast asleep in bed with Sprinkles the unicorn cat but didn’t post it on Facebook. Only five people (other than myself) have seen it. Jeremy might just kill me for this anyways.

Now I fully expect Jeremy to be up all night long. I can only hope zie’s as quiet for me as I was for zir.


7 thoughts on “So, that didn’t happen…

  1. So Dad was a no show and Jeremy seems okay with it? It’s a shame but it’s probably for the best.

    It’s too bad that surgery and a hospital seem to be the only option.

    • There are so many issues going on with the kids’ Dad that it would take forever to type. I commented to my Mom a few days ago that hearing about him is akin to watching a very long and boring train wreck. I’m glad Jeremy’s so laid back about zir father’s absence because my ex isn’t going to change and if Jeremy wanted more it would only lead to heartbreak.

      I’d really hoped this could get done with IV sedation but nope. Hopefully it won’t take too long to set up.

      • Absentee parents make me so mad. It really is a shame when a child is better off without their father around and I know too many people like that.

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