Mostly male with a bit of female…

This is Jeremy’s description of zir gender, repeated word for word. It never changes. It also doesn’t accurately reflect what I see as zir mother. I’m not an expert on raising sons but I’m going to take a guess that most 17 year old boys don’t squeal in delight at the thought of getting vanilla bliss shaving cream for their legs or gasp a delighted “awww” at the sight of their new glittery unicorn cat stuffed animal (it definitely is aww- worthy though). Even mostly male seems a stretch.

Jeremy gave that description to our doctor first and then gave zir amazing analogy of gender as a cupcake. I love this analogy and used it yesterday to explain Jeremy’s gender to a friend of mine. However pink frosting doesn’t equal “a bit” especially if Jeremy’s the one putting on the frosting. To me “a bit” would be a blue cupcake with blue frosting and pink sprinkles. I said as much to Jeremy and asked for zir definition of “a bit”. Jeremy shifted awkwardly in zir chair, avoiding eye contact.

“Umm… you have to remember I’m not good with words. If I take a bit of a chocolate bar, I take half the bar,” zie said sheepishly.

Right. So a bit equals half. I stifled a snort.

“How about you try saying ‘some female’ instead of a bit,” I suggested. Jeremy looked at me and smiled. I’m thinking zie’s going to stick with the cupcake analogy.

I just asked Emma what her gender would look like it if was a cupcake and her initial reaction was the same as mine. “I guess pink with pink frosting but ewww…”

Both of us are allergic to excessive amounts of pink and break out into metaphorical hives. They’re kind of like real hives but you can’t see them and they only itch on the inside.

I suggested she think a bit further outside the box and she came up with a dark purple cupcake with black frosting and the female sign, in purple, on top. This is very definitely Emma.

If my gender was a cupcake I’d be a white cupcake with a pink centre, white frosting, and those really shiny sugar sprinkles that shimmer with a bunch of different colours. I have no idea what analogy that would be but I like it 🙂

If your gender was a cupcake, what would you look like?


16 thoughts on “Mostly male with a bit of female…

  1. Probably one of those shades of purple (or grey) layer cakes with blue frosting and hot pink sprinkles. Glitter would also be essential, probably a rainbow colour. I like the description of your cupcake.

  2. I think if Jeremy sees zirself as mostly male, zie is mostly male.

    What you’re talking about is ways you see Jeremy as feminine. Zie can be feminine but feel like a male.

    The good thing about Jeremy’s description of zir gender is that it sounds like Jeremy likes zir body.

    • For sure. I mostly got a chuckle from zir description of “a bit”. Half a chocolate bar seems like more than a bit but, then again, Jeremy puts on more frosting on zir cupcake than cake.

      Thanks, it’s a good reminder. And I love zir description 🙂

  3. Mine would be a white cupcake and white frosting with purple and pink sprinkles mixed together. I have to admit the pink and pink first came to mind to me too and I had the same ewww reaction- I like pink a lot actually but that’s just too much for me. 🙂

    I love the cupcake analogy.

  4. What an excellent question, and I am surprised of my own answer. Carrot cake. No really pink or blue or even purple, but something different.

  5. I’d be a chocolate cupcake with cherries and whipped cream on top. Black forest gateau in cupcake form. I don’t much care how anybody else interprets the way it looks, but it’s perfect for me!

  6. I know this is and old post and I’m a new reader, but I just like reading blogs from the first post instead of starting with the latest ones, and I just couldn’t resist to comment on this one. Your question was very compelling…

    Definitely, a Red cupcake with yellow frosting (lots of yellow frosting), a Green Earth symbol on top, and brightly multicolored chips… and I suppose, probably, yellow interior,, though it’d mainly taste like red velvet.

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