Pronoun confusion…

I had a meeting yesterday with someone from Jeremy’s school. We sat down to discuss zir options, one of which involves transferring Jeremy to an even smaller classroom setting with higher expectations and the possibility of earning credits. The staff member asked me what my hopes were for Jeremy. I immediately started talking about how much Jeremy loves working on computers and other electronic devices. Zie needs real classroom experience to learn how to fix and operate these devices; fiddling around on zir own isn’t enough. This is a talent Jeremy can use to gain real employment, unlike the school’s current “opportunity”. Zir job placement right now is shredding the classroom’s paper.

“Zie needs a chance at hands on experience; to do things zieself…” I paused. That wasn’t right. “Herself… himself…” I blurted. I figured I’d hit the right pronoun eventually, if I could remember any more. My head dropped onto my hands. “I stink at pronouns,” I groaned. “Words in general…”

I looked up at the staff member’s baffled expression then sighed. “Right… I’ll just redo that sentence…” And I did.

The plus side (kind of) is Jeremy finds conversations like this hilarious. And the cats have yet to notice being called zir.

7 thoughts on “Pronoun confusion…

  1. Ah yes, our poor dog is regularly called him and he- don’t think she notices. Kris and I were just talking about how I can have a major pronoun misfire and screw up everyone’s and it hits out of nowhere- with Kris nowhere in the conversation.

  2. Lol. I am SO there. It feels wrong to use male pronouns for anyone anymore. My poor husband, now he is the one getting misgendered, heh. It’s frustrating to me, because I feel like sometimes I am unintentionally outing my daughter, but I can also see an upside – that others see that it’s okay to make a mistake and move on from it.

    I really hope you get some resolution with Jeremy and school – and maybe some actual training (OMG, what?!).

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