No we don’t have it.

Jeremy was talking to zir teachers during free time yesterday and mentioned ebola. Zir teacher immediately informed Jeremy that it’s in the news lately because it’s a scary disease and highly contagious; that you can catch it just by being in the same room with an infected person.

Jeremy said they were wrong, you can only catch it by touching the bodily fluids of an infected person. I’m sure they’ll consider this yet another example of how argumentative zie is but, damn it, zie was right. The teachers went online to prove Jeremy wrong but yeah. Instead of conceding, they asked zir to explain how the doctor got infected. Jeremy figured the doctor got drooled on when the patient said “aaahhhh”. I’m figuring there was a heck of a lot more “bodily fluids” than that but will leave Jeremy to zir innocence.

Meanwhile I’m shaking my head in amazement. We had a meeting recently and Jeremy’s teacher told me zie’s intimidating and terrifying zir classmates. Her example was a classroom activity where the students were all asked to share their favourite place. One boy said his bedroom and Jeremy immediately replied that zie wouldn’t have thought that since the boy’s bedroom was really small. A girl said the kitchen was her favourite place and Jeremy commented zie wouldn’t have picked there. That was it for intimidating and terrorizing… not exactly much of either.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who looked underwhelmed by this story because the teacher went on to explain that the other students in the class are very delayed and were cringing and pulling away from Jeremy, obviously upset by zir comments. And, as if to quell any questions, she added that they were too delayed to relay their concerns to their parents. Basically she made them sound like they were barely capable of speech, implying that Jeremy’s much more intelligent and acting like a tyrant. The flip side is Jeremy told me this week that zie and the boy were walking to the bus together, just chatting, when their teacher came up and accused Jeremy of harassing him. You see, Jeremy and the boy are friends, which is how zie knew how small his bedroom was. The boy was confused and told Jeremy zie wasn’t harassing him.

How on earth can they claim Jeremy’s terrorizing zir classmates by commenting on their favourite places but it’s fine for them to describe ebola as a deadly disease that spreads as easily as the common cold in front of those same kids?

While they’re worrying about how fragile the other students are, they don’t seem to realize at all how much they affect Jeremy by their actions. They made apple crisp today and the teacher decided to serve the students by gender, even though Jeremy reminded her once again that zie doesn’t identify as either gender. So it went ladies first, then gentlemen, and finally Jeremy because (oops) the teacher forgot about “him”. They’re all little incidents but they’re adding up. Jeremy told me this afternoon that school makes zir feel like dying. At least zie’s got the next three days off for a bit of a breather.


9 thoughts on “Ebola…

    • That’s exactly it. I got a call from the VP a few weeks ago saying Jeremy was acting out and insisting on listening to music to calm down. But they didn’t want to do that until zie was obviously agitated and by then zie just wanted to go home. So I suggested they listen to zir (I know… radical thought) and let zir go to a quiet room for fifteen minutes to calm down with music and then come back to do zir work.

      Principal: So you don’t want us to teach him?
      Me *bewildered*: No, I want you to teach zir.
      Principal: Then you want us to keep doing what we’re doing.
      Me: No *repeats what I just said*
      Principal: So you don’t want us to teach him.
      Me: I want you to teach zir. I want you to give zir a chance to calm down so zie can learn.
      Principal: So you don’t want us to teach him… I mean zie.
      Me: *bangs head against wall*

      • Do you have an advocate (therapist or other person) who might be able to attend these meetings with the administrators with you? If not, would it be possible to acquire such a person in a timely fashion? I’m sorry you’re going through this.

      • Yes thankfully. I went through PFLAG and got someone from the school board to come to the last meeting (unfortunately he had to leave before the “intimidating” part) and since then another school administrator witnessed an episode between Jeremy and the principal and volunteered to take zir onto her caseload. Right now she’s trying to get Jeremy into a new school. She’ll be at future meetings as well.

        The hard part is they’re not in the classroom, where this is all occurring. The harder part is the teachers are all nice people who honestly think they’re doing the best they can and don’t understand that what they’re doing is harming Jeremy.

    • That part is, although I think zir teacher is trying to teach them 50’s style manners with ladies going first and gentlemen opening doors for them. I also think they find zir frustrating because the other students follow what they say and Jeremy will argue with them. Ironically the teachers would argue they aren’t transphobic because they support a FtM trans student in the other class but they balked at pronouns and obviously haven’t read the handbook because she’d know the school board suggests not dividing the class by gender. Jeremy says they only use the right pronouns when zie reminds them.

      Zie’s sick and staying home tomorrow so zie’s got a bit of a break.

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