Emma’s cupcakes…

Emma came over last night and made the most adorable cupcake jewelry for all three of us. This was wonderful for two reasons. One, because the jewelry is seriously cute and two, because she was making jewelry. It’s been far too long. I’ve been missing seeing her interested in making something.

She also showed me her new self-harm recovery bracelets. I didn’t say much about them at the time because I was exhausted and trying to stay awake (I’ll be more animated on your next visit sunshine) but I was thrilled to see all the white beads. White beads are for the days she didn’t think about self-harm.

Emma made the two of us necklaces and Jeremy a bracelet. Here’s a shot of Jeremy with zir bracelet…

cupcake braceletI wish there was a choice between large and medium for photo size. Large is way too large and medium just a bit too small. Or maybe I’m just picky. I also don’t like how WordPress fades my photos unless you hover your mouse over them (anyone know how to fix that?).

Jeremy went off to school today wearing zir bracelet, which tells you how much zie likes it. Zie looked too cute for words on the way out the door.


6 thoughts on “Emma’s cupcakes…

  1. I love this idea of the bracelets and will reblog if you don’t mind. Maybe my MASH mums will be able to share the idea with their children. Many Thanks

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