Happy Hallowe’en!

This year I didn’t think Jeremy was going to have a costume. Zie’s the kid who usually has one picked out months in advance and, to be fair, this year was no exception. Zie wanted to be the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. For those who don’t watch the show, this is the 11th Doctor…


Picture from Wikipedia

Emma and Mark went to the local Hallowe’en costume shop and found a costume… for $80. I don’t buy outfits for that price let alone a costume that would be worn for only one night. It stayed on the rack.

We live right near a Value Village so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem to pick up a suitable jacket. And, sure enough, we found almost the perfect one on our first trip. It would have been perfect if it was bigger than a medium. It didn’t fit and Jeremy left the store feeling defeated and too big… insisting zie just wasn’t going to have a costume this year. It wasn’t until yesterday that zie was willing to try again. Thankfully this time we had more success.

I had to work today so I got up, got Jeremy’s hair temporarily dyed black (with spray on dye that lasts about 3.2 minutes) then raced out the door. I dressed as a crazy cat lady (talk about truth in advertising), wearing my cat pyjamas from Emma and pinning three of Jeremy’s stuffed orange cats across me. Jeremy offered me zir favourite pink glittery cat as well but that one was too big (sadly because it’s cute).

I called Jeremy on the way home from work. I asked about zir day and zie promptly told me, much to my surprise, that zie’d gone as the female version of the 11th Doctor.

“What did you wear?” I asked curiously. I couldn’t picture Jeremy pulling on a dress for school and the stuff we’d bought was definitely from the men’s side of the store.

“My suit jacket, my purple tie, my button up shirt, and a pair of jeans,” came the immediate reply, which didn’t exactly scream feminine to me.

Jeremy’s too old to trick or treat so when I got an invitation to a vegetarian Hallowe’en Party, I immediately signed us both up. I got home, we spruced up our outfits, snapped a few shots, then headed out the door. Jeremy even scored candy in our lobby. We got to the bus stop at the same time as the bus and tumbled through the doors with me hurriedly checking my pockets for Jeremy’s tickets.

The driver smiled as we exited downtown.

“Have a good evening ladies,” he called cheerfully.

Maybe claiming to be the female version of the 11th Doctor was more accurate than I thought.


Jeremy was thrilled to discover what looked like a TARDIS in this otherwise abstract painting.

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