The most wonderful time of the year…

I am a huge Christmas nut. The lights… the decorations… the sparkles… the music… the candles… the food… the family time… I love it all.

Emma came over yesterday afternoon then we picked up Japanese food (we’d like to order half your menu of battered, deep fried vegetables please) and got out the decorations from the storage closet. Jeremy insisted we really only needed to make one trip so while I carried our tree, Jeremy stacked four rubbermaid bins on top of a skateboard then stuck the box of mini trees on top and wheeled them down the hallway to the elevator. I so wish I’d brought my phone downstairs to take a shot of that. The boxes were stacked higher than Jeremy and zie’s over 6ft tall.

Then we got started on the decorating…

Jeremy decorating the tree.

Jeremy decorating the tree.


Jeremy took this photo of our new TARDIS ornament.

The chandelier ornament Jeremy picked out at BouClair in remembrance of all the chandeliers we didn't buy.

The chandelier ornament Jeremy picked out at BouClair in remembrance of all the chandeliers we didn’t buy. We’d need a mansion to fit all the ones zie wants.


Emma, Mark, and Jeremy all sat around my Christmas village to play, showing that some things don’t change. Well mostly don’t change. Jeremy would spend hours walking the little villagers around. Now they find unusual ways to leave the villagers. The lady in pink is suicidal, the man in the tree thinks he’s a bird, the man in blue thinks he’s Batman, the kids on the bench are homeless, and Santa just killed someone and stuck their body behind the fence. Umm… merry Christmas? I’m thinking I should start sleeping with one eye open.

This is the final result…


Doesn’t everyone have a Christmas spider on top of their tree?


And a close up of our mini trees. Jeremy picked out rainbow lights last year and we got purple sparkly stars to go on top so they’re pride Christmas trees…


Jeremy and I went to our first PFLAG meeting on Thursday and it went quite well. I got to talk with other parents and zie got to hang out with several kids around zir age. Both of us left in good spirits and Jeremy’s already looking forward to the next meeting. Plus I put out a shameless request in an online parenting group I belong to for friends for Jeremy on Steam so zie now has several other trans kids to play games with.

Yesterday morning we went to a meeting for Jeremy to change schools and it not only went well but it looks like Jeremy should be transferring *soon*. I have no idea how quick their definition of soon is, hopefully before Christmas. Jeremy is quite happy about that as well.

The poor kid is currently asleep on the couch after suggesting maybe we go shopping tomorrow. Between the two I know zie has to be feeling sick (Jeremy turning down a shopping trip?). I kissed zir forehead and zie doesn’t have a fever (phew). I’m thinking today’s going to be a “watching Doctor Who in pjs” day.



5 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year…

  1. I love the scenarios being played out in your village. I’m sure if we had one, we would have some bizarre happenings as well.

    Our decorations will be coming out next week. Can’t wait!

    I’m glad Jeremy found some “kids to play with” through the group. I know that others have requested similar things and I think it’s acceptable. Our kids live in a bit of isolation when it comes to others like themselves and we need to do whatever is necessary, right?

    I hope Jeremy’s transfer goes through quickly!

  2. The really awesome thing about chandeliers is you can go on ebay and get buckets of chandelier crystals to hang up all over the place! Lots of shiny rainbows, none of the space or expense of real chandeliers. I have them in almost every window in our house, strung up on jewelry wire and fishing line and thread.

    Don’t much like Christmas, too many painful reminders. The horrific dresses my mother forced me in to, the barbie dolls, the beatings, my utter failure to be a “good” daughter.. And church, of course. It was one of the most intensely-gendered times of the year for my family.

    • Huge (((hugs))) and thanks for the tip.

      That’s one thing I’m glad about with my family. My parents always had the opinion that all toys were fine for any child. Karen got a huge Hotwheels set for Christmas one year and I got a microscope. Because nothing makes the holiday more interesting than asking, “Can you please bleed on this glass slide for me?”

    • Me too. There was a dalek ornament too but I liked the TARDIS one better. Jeremy’s now saying we need three. One for the tree, one for the Christmas village, and one for beside zir at the computer.

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