Happy birthday to me!!!

birthday Doctor Who 10th

Since the 10th Doctor never actually showed up, I’m taking Jeremy camping instead. Plus I made myself chocolate peanut butter cupcakes 🙂 The first year I became vegan, my Mom made a bowl of fresh fruit because she doesn’t know how to make a cake without milk and eggs. I’ve made my own cake ever since. This year’s will be the best so far.

Jeremy tried to convince me that today’s opposite day, which means I’m supposed to give zir a present instead of vice versa. I’d say it was a nice try on zir part but zie woke me an hour early then started begging for video games so zie’d have something to do in the car. In essence, since my Mom bought the present and I bought zir three (four?) games, I did buy zir a present. The kidlet’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer but just as effective.

And we’re heading off for five days of swimming, hiking, and exploring. All I know is there’s a large pond (which Jeremy says is at least as big as a football field… or three even), two beaches, caves, hiking trails, and trees. Jeremy assures me there’s lots of trees. I’ve never been there and can’t find any pictures so all my mind is picturing is lots of ????? and a gravely, muddy beach with lots of weeds. Jeremy didn’t mention either so my mental image is probably (hopefully) off.

See you in August!!!!!

p.s. Depending on cellphone service, I might stick a picture or two up on Instagram 🙂

14 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!!!

      • I saw them! It looks like you’re having a really fun time. I keep meaning to ask you…how do you make vegan frosting for your cupcakes and cakes?

      • I usually use my Nana’s recipe, just modified slightly.

        1/4 cup Earth Balance margarine, softened
        2 cups icing sugar
        1 tsp vanilla extract (or 2-3 tbsps cocoa powder)
        2-3 tbsps soy creamer

        Cream margarine and add half the icing sugar a bit at a time. Then add vanilla (or cocoa) and soy creamer. Blend then continue adding icing sugar until frosting is spreadable. Add more soy creamer or icing sugar if needed.

        The vegan ganache is from a website. I cheated and used semi sweet chocolate chips (even though the site said not to): http://www.veganbaking.net/recipes/cake-decorating/toppings/easy-ganache

        It looks like it’s never going to mix and you’ll end up with nothing but brown soy creamer then it suddenly thickens, kind of like magic but tastier.

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