Dear “Christian” Conservatives…

It was just over a year ago when Leelah Alcorn stepped in front of a transport truck. Just over a year ago since she was buried under a name she didn’t like and didn’t want. But you won’t use the name she chose. Unctuous sympathy drips from your mouth while you refer to her as Joshua. I’ve read your articles, the ones where you blame liberals for causing her death. You claim she died because of depression and that real therapy, which reassured her of her innate maleness, would have helped. Then you quote doctors from John Hopkins University and a study which claims that 80% of transgender youths end up cisgender by the time they’re adults. But do you know what you ignore? That study had flaws big enough to drive a truck through. The researchers lost track of a bunch of the youths and simply assumed they’d stopped being trans. That’s not research. That’s guessing and wishful thinking.

Know what else you ignore? Leelah Alcorn should have been your poster child for “curing” transgender youths. She had a traditional nuclear family and religious parents who loved and supported her as their son. They did everything the Christian conservatives suggested. They got her into Christian counselling with a counselor who treated her depression and encouraged her to be a straight male. They took away her access to liberal websites which supported her as a trans female. They brought her to church and consistently referred to her by her birth name. If your articles and views were right, she should be happily filling out college forms as Joshua.  But she’s not. She died hating her parents and begging people to change society. She died asking people to remember her as Leelah.

This new year is barely ten days old, we haven’t even hit a fortnight yet, and so far I’ve nearly lost two friends to suicide. Both friends are trans and both have families who, like Leelah, are reasonably sure this is just a phase. One has family who finally realize this is serious; they’re now making an effort at using the right name and pronouns. The other? Well this is his second attempt since October and he’s just lost an unsupported trans friend to suicide. All I can do is keep reassuring him he’s wanted and needed and hope for the best.

Meanwhile there are families doing everything wrong according to conservatives and right according to liberals. They (for the most part) have kids who are thriving. Granted, they have their own unique issues. Most families don’t have to remind their kids not to leave their breasts on the kitchen table or warn them the family dog is chewing their penis. But they’re the ones taking smiling photos of their kids dressed up for prom (complete with friends and dates) and scheduling college tours.

Please stop. Stop fretting about saving your daughters from terrified newly out trans women who just want to pee. Stop showing off your knowledge of grade five biology as if middle school is the pinnacle of education. Stop telling people you know them better than they do. Stop acting like six year old trans girls are gap toothed predators stalking their fellow Girl Scouts. And stop patronizingly referring to Leelah by her dead name. Your attitude pushed her into the path of a truck. Would you please let her rest in peace?


*If you’re trans and struggling, there are resources available. Please reach out. I assure you, you are wanted and needed*

13 thoughts on “Dear “Christian” Conservatives…

  1. Phew. Thankyou. My family and I appreciate this so much. The only thing I would add is that I do feel sorry for Leelah’s parents. They have lost a child and they could never have known that they would become a symbol of conservative and regressive parenting – or that Leelah would become the symbol of unnecessary young trans casualties. But, for the rest, yes. And a thousand times, yes.

  2. Amen. Beautifully said.

    A phrase I have heard, and noted, and love: “may she rest in peace and power.”

    Power is what we often lack in life. Leelah made such a glorious call out to all of — such a tribute to her own resolve. May her call be heeded. May she rest in peace and in power.

    And may all trains people live in peace and power. Most especially I wish for your suicidal friends to have every kind of support and resource rain down upon them. Im sorry for how difficult their situations sound.

  3. Beautifully said. So sad that the bigots will never read this. Speaking out as you are doing is our only hope. In my country (England) we are little better, we happily jail transwomen in male jails and wring our hands when the kill themselves. One day things will be better.

  4. What a caring kind well written very needed post! It’s a shame that these so called Christians never look in a mirror and see the hypocrites looking back at them. Please keep writing! So many more people need to be reading your work!

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