An offer from Assigned Male…

Sophie asked people to share her Facebook post widely and this is about as wide as I can get. She made a book titled “A Girl Like Any Other” four years ago and would now like to donate it to any interested elementary school teachers. In her words…

“As a former elementary school teacher, I know how limited classroom budgets are, but as someone who grew up trans, I also know how important it is for trans youth to be in contact with positive trans fictional characters.

As it’s almost back-to-school time, I want to send copies of the book for free to elementary teachers that are willing to have it in their classrooms. All they will have to do is to message me their school’s address on Facebook or by email before August 15th. I will also send them a link to download my “Genderific Coloring book” for free.”

Now, obviously that’s not going to be free. She’s estimating the cost for 200 books (plus shipping) to be $2568. That’s a lot for anyone, let alone a young artist, so she’s going to need help. Plus, to sweeten the pot, she’s offering any donations over her goal to the Trans Lifeline. Let’s overflow the hell out of her Go Fund Me (especially since she seems to have forgotten Go Fund Me takes fees out and has rounded down her total).

Plus, if you want a book but aren’t a teacher, or you home school and think this would be the perfect learning tool for your sproglet (yes, it is, go for it), or you want to donate the book to your favourite (willing) teacher… she also sells her book here. She sells colouring books, stickers, and her books en francais there too so run there and buy, buy, buy!

Sorry, Jeremy’s only asked to buy a  pick up truck today (neither of us drive) and the lack of spending requests is getting to me. I feel almost giddy.

Let’s overfill her Go Fund Me and help two important resources to the Trans community; Sophie and her art and Trans Lifeline and their willing and helpful ears. You can reach her via email at: or through her Facebook Messenger. Good luck Sophie!!!



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