Something to look forward to…

I booked a trip back in March to visit my then boyfriend. It was an expensive trip, almost $700, but I figured it was worth it to spend ten days with him. Then we broke up and, suddenly it wasn’t worth it at all. They were non-refundable tickets, the best I can get is my taxes back.

That being said, the taxes are just over two hundred dollars and there’s a deal right now for the end of August where a night in a hotel and two days in the Niagara Fallsview water park are $200. I won’t be going to England, meeting my ex-boyfriend and former best friend. Won’t be seeing Wicked for the first time either. Instead, Jeremy and I are going to be here…


Palm trees and LGBTQ friendly

… and, when we’re not there, we bought an adventure pass that includes an aerial trip over the whirlpool in the Niagara River, a journey behind the falls, an excursion on the boat formerly known as Maid of the Mist, and a trip to the butterfly conservatory (plus free bus fare to these places). I’m not sure when we’re going to sleep!

So one door closed and an amazing door opened. I can’t wait to have my holiday with Jeremy! Just 29 more days to go…

8 thoughts on “Something to look forward to…

  1. I can just imagine the two of you trying to use all those tickets for special attractions and get the most of them. I kinda do think sleep will have to be second on the list of priorities!!!! Love the photo. Totally love that you got this great deal of $200 for two people!!! Maybe I should be asking where you get travel tips from?

    I don’t know about the water park you’re going to, but the one here (I had a season ticket a few years ago) makes lots of money on renting lockers out and selling expensive junky food. I got one of those little key rings that you wear as a bracelet and I would leave my towel sitting out in the open in a particular spot — no locker.

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