Summer camping…

Jeremy building a sand castle

Julie at Bon Echo

Julie (Jeremy) and I are already getting ready for our camping trip this July. Mostly because it’s going to be huge. My whole family is going to be there (minus Emma who’d prefer to stay home). Both my sisters and their families, my parents, my cousin and his fiance, their friends, one of my sister’s friends, and (possibly) an uncle and aunt. When I say everyone I mean everyone. We have three adjoining sites and a multitude of tents and a camper. Julie and I have our own tent which has two rooms and sleeps seven. We’re more glampers than campers. Julie’s first concern was electricity for her laptop. Mine was sprawl space.

Her second concern, however, was transitioning and that has no answers from me. How far along will she be. We both know it’ll be early but how early? Will she have started hormones? How long will her hair have grown? Julie’s already told her grandparents she won’t be swimming that trip. I offered to buy the ruffled skirted bikini she wants but she doesn’t want to look like a boy in a bathing suit.

Meanwhile I worry about misgendering. If she shows up as a girl, will she be treated like a girl? Or will the family fall back on calling her Jeremy? Will my sisters explain that Julie’s transitioning or will there be an expectation of keeping things hushed for the younger children? I can’t bring myself to ask, especially since there’s only one answer which supports Julie. And, honestly, it’s not like the transition is going away. The questions will have to be answered at some point.

Julie goes back to the medical centre on Tuesday then has a family doctor appointed to her within two weeks. And hopefully then we can get some answers sorted out so we can focus on the camping part of the trip and not the gender part.

Bon Echo cliff

Because the camping part is gorgeous!

11 thoughts on “Summer camping…

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been reading your posts and I wish you two have a great camping experience. Was that picture taken at Bon Echo?it looks like it, I love that camp site πŸ˜€

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  2. It looks like a beautiful place! I understand your concern regarding the trip with acceptance from family members- my experience was that those extended people could be wild cards. You just won’t know. I wish I had advice to share but you know, just like I do, that there’s just no knowing. And as moms, we need to do what we need to do to support and protect our kids- no matter how old they are. You are a great mom and Julie knows it. At least you have a few months to prepare. And it really does look like a beautiful place! (Does it have power for Julie?)

    • No particular power for her. We always went camping at Sibbald Point so that would be more “home” for her. It’s the campground I went to growing up. It is beautiful though and I hope it’s an amazing trip. Emma’s now thinking about going too!

  3. i know that amongst all you wrote this is the least important in a way….. but I would buy that ruffled skirted bikini that Julie likes and bring it with you. Just like you can’t predict right now how far along the transition she will be at that point, you can’t really predict how she will feel about the suit and wearing it at that point either. Better to have it there and available and not use it than to have her suddenly feeling like she’d like to after all and not be able to. πŸ™‚ ❀

  4. I feel like we all answer and navigate these questions as best we can – one day at a time – learning as we go along. I know that for myself, sometimes it feels like by now I should know all the answers! The simple truth, however, is that I don’t. πŸ’•

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