“I’m transitioning”…

“Well hello,” said the elderly man from our UU church. He smiled then turned to Emma. “And who might this handsome young man be?” he asked jokingly.

“I’m Emma,” Emma replied. “I’m transitioning.”

The man looked bewildered. “Erma?” he asked.

“Emma,” both Emma and I replied.


“Emm-mma,” I said slowly.

He smiled and went on with his conversation. I wondered if he thought we were joking.

Emma tells everyone she’s transitioning these days from her cousins to the cashier at the grocery store and every one gives her the same blank look. We belong to online groups and PFLAG, to us it seems like half the planet is either in transition or related to someone who is. I’m guessing, judging by the blank looks we encounter, that’s not the case outside our little circle because no one seems to have a clue what she’s talking about.

I wonder how people’s reactions will change when she eventually starts taking hormones and begins to look more feminine.

5 thoughts on ““I’m transitioning”…

  1. It’s still a new thing for so many folk I guess… to accept within their reality!
    Sure we see it on the news, tv programmes and we read about it in magazines… but not many actually know someone going through it so it it can be hard to comprehend!
    But good luck to Emma! She’ll be a beauty in time 😍

  2. I know and have known many trans people but I don’t think I’ve had anyone close to me begin this transition. I think it could be a bit hard for me to think of someone I know with a different gender, but I haven’t done it. They people I’ve known who I’ve met after their transition I have no difficulty with it, I met them as male or female, and that is their gender to me. Sometimes I’ve had them share some issues they have about it, which is also fine with me.

    It’s too bad that people are not more generally familiar — I think you are reading the clues correctly! And yeah, I think Emma is brave to help blaze that trail by informing people of her transition.

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