It’s late and you’re alone watching a horror movie. The music starts. Something is going to happen. The protagonist bravely sets forward. Your heart starts pounding, you feel weak and trembling, your stomach churns.

Except there’s no horror movie, no late night, and you’re probably not even alone. Yet the racing heart, weakness, and stomach churning continues.

That’s what anxiety is like for me. It’s hard to breathe, hard to think, and the anxiety sits there like an unwelcome guest. The most minor chore makes me want to curl up like a pill bug and hide. The major chores are beyond me.

Counting breaths doesn’t help. I end up worrying I’m counting too fast or too slow and end up hyperventilating, which is so not the goal. Reassuring myself helps a bit. Sleeping helps a lot but is a huge inconvenience. And Ativan helps, but brings along a worry of addiction.

I wish I had some amazing ending to this, some great way of alleviating anxiety, but I don’t. In fact, I’m rocking while I write this and thinking about curling up for a nap. What triggered this bout of anxiety? I don’t know. Maybe the fact there’s dishes to wash? But probably not. It just seems to show up like an unwelcome house guest and never knows when to leave.

If you’ve got a great way to decrease anxiety, please feel free to leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Anxiety…

    • Well I’m taking Clonazepam, Effexor, Abilify, and Lithium. I think I’ll skip those fun times of mixing them with alcohol LOL. I’m likely to end up in the back parking lot, in my underwear, singing karaoke into a wooden spoon.

  1. Anxiety, nothing new for me as well. I have learned to think about what it is that caused it, it is always something, often subconscious thoughts flying by, many of them. They build up and suddenly anxiety sets in. This happened to me last night due to beginning a new job. I just let it come and go, and then decided to think about something that would be a good thing, like what I need to get done before starting my job, finding clothes, and uniforms, my work bag items, paperwork, and continuing to clean my bedroom, and spaces, so life is easier before my life becomes scheduled. Not the best way to relieve anxiety I realized, but I did fall to sleep shortly after my plans were laid out for the day ahead. I think Kava Kava tea, and 5 HTP, as well as melatonin for sleep, help ease anxiety, and allow you to rest. But if you’re taking prescribed medications then 5 HTP and other herbals may interact with them, so ask your doctor, I am able to use these products, 1.5 of melatonin works well for me. Herbal teas are just a nice touch before bed, there are many types I use. I believe in herbal alternatives, as I worked in addictions/mental health (dual diagnosis) and we prefer non-drug choices first, and they are usually best when trying to straighten out your life, and be able to function daily. Counseling and group therapy are helpful for anxiety as well, find your triggers, and learn through therapy, how to decrease, or stop them from escalating into more. Just a few ideas that help me, but you should speak with your physician, and see what is suitable for your situation, there is a individual plan that can work for most people, when working with your health care providers.

  2. Don’t have many ideas for how to relieve anxiety… Rocking or sleeping seem to be my go-to strategies. Spending time with my animals helps me sometimes. But sometimes, just nothing helps. People try to tell me not to think about things that make me anxious, but I don’t always have that much control over my thoughts… plus sometimes I don’t even KNOW what I’m anxious about! DBT helped me with learning some coping skills for just muddling through it. But yeah, anxiety sucks!

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