The hard decision…

Emma sees her doctor tomorrow about starting hormone therapy. The thing is, she’s not sure she wants to. Or, more specifically, she wants to but also wants to someday have a baby of her own. And this is one thing I can’t help her with.

It’s a hard choice at twenty to have to decide whether to make yourself infertile. It’s even harder when you’ve wanted to be a parent for your whole life. I reminded her about adoption but she wants to have a baby, not a child. I pointed out that they could go to a sperm bank to impregnate her future wife and got silence in return. And I brought up the fact that hormones work better when you’re younger and got a curt “I know”.

Emma has school tomorrow and I have a social recreation group. We’re going to meet up after both and walk to the doctor’s office. With any luck she’ll have come to a conclusion she can live with.

Update: Emma’s doctor sent us home with information about sperm banks and some places to call. Her next appointment is in two months.


4 thoughts on “The hard decision…

  1. This is such a touch thing. Have you considered the option of saving some material and freezing it for later use, if she’s specifically attached to having kids with her own genetic mateiral in the mix?

  2. Oh! Well it IS a hard decision, and a big decision. I hope that what the doctor advised is getting lots more info….. I think that makes sense and MIGHT eventually take some pressure off? Can’t be sure, but I find that more info helps. And for me that means more info on all options, and usually some sub-issues too.

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