Good things come to those who wait…

Update: I went to lock our front door this evening and found a notice saying our new windows are getting installed next Friday. Just one week to go!

Colin and I moved into our apartment at the end of May 2012. Three weeks later I went to head downstairs to the gym and a sheet of paper fell out of our door. It was a notice from the landlord stating our balconies were due to be replaced, starting at the end of June. Everything had to be removed from our balconies. We pulled everything inside then downstairs to our then almost empty storage locker. Our new balconies were completed shortly before Christmas, just in time for our Christmas party.

cluttered bedroom

All that’s missing are the huge blinds which we removed in the morning

Two weeks ago I opened our door to go grocery shopping and another sheet of paper fell to the ground. This one was informing us that we were getting new windows and to remove everything from our balconies and have all our furnishings moved three feet away from our windows. By this time our storage locker is pretty much full so that wasn’t an option. We just had to wedge things in as best we could. My bedroom has a balcony so one whole wall is a window. Everything that was on my balcony is now between my bed and closet and everything that was beside the window was moved right against my bed. I joked that I was going to have to climb up from the bottom of my bed to sleep and that was pretty close to being true.

I think the biggest positive of this renovation is it encouraged Colin to clean his room. He needed to have a walkway through to the window and a three foot area then, once he started, he just kept going until his room was nearly spotless. I told him that he just needs to keep it that clean and so far he’s managing.

The workers came through our apartment in mid afternoon, shortly after I got home from Kait’s obstetrician appointment. They placed windows and doors on the main balcony then turned to leave.

“When are the windows being installed?” I asked.

The worker replied, “Week, week and a half.” He sounded lackadaisical. I’m sure he didn’t care.

We got a notice on Monday that they were coming to place doors and windows on our balcony the following Tuesday. Please have the balconies clear, etc… etc. They’d already done that and it didn’t matter because nobody came.

So now it’s Friday and I’ve had all my balcony furniture crammed into my bedroom for just over a week. I can barely reach the closet. I can’t reach my laundry basket, it’s in the far corner beside my ficus tree, under a bench cushion and the bench. I tried to wriggle it free a couple of days ago and it’s wedged in there tight. Good thing I’ve got enough clothes!

fairy lightsI don’t like blinds at all. I tolerated my bedroom ones because they only covered one window, plus it seemed like it would be such a pain to remove them. Now that they’re down, I’m finding I enjoy having the extra natural light. So I’ve decided to put up strings of fairy lights instead. They’ll look so nice with the rest of the room and I can plug them into the fairy lights I already have on the north wall.

I know the balcony doors and windows will be wonderful when they’re installed. The seal is breaking in our current windows and my patio door has been hard to open since we moved it. At this point it’s almost impossible. It’s two hand and straining exercise to open. Thankfully the door closes a bit easier.

I’m hoping we’ll get another notice wedged into our door soon, this one saying “window installation”. Just like spring, I know it’s coming. I want it to be here now but, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. And a working balcony door is a good thing.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

my bedroom

I can’t wait to get my room back again!!!


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