And we have windows…

I went to lock our front door on Wednesday night before bed and found a notice slid through the crack, which stated our window installation was scheduled for Friday between 8am and 5pm. Please move all furnishings off the balcony etc… etc. Like anyone was going to put their stuff back out between having the windows dropped off and having them installed. But I guess they have to say it just in case.

There’s only one room in our apartment that doesn’t have a window and that’s our bathroom, which was fine for four of our cats but would have been a nightmare with Angel. So I messaged a friend and asked if I could drop Angel off at 7:30am. The friend, who is super amazing by the way, said sure.

The cats were easy enough to herd into the washroom and, thankfully, Angel climbed into the carrier on her own. She looked surprised to find herself in our friends’ apartment but not worried and she soon curled up under their end table for a snooze.

Colin has school on Fridays so he had to go, leaving me alone with the surliest workmen I’ve ever met. They were fast and thorough, I’ll grant them that, but they acted like I was an interloper in my own apartment. I chatted with Kait for a bit… okay an hour… at points hiding out in the hallway so I could a) hear her and b) get warm. It was -2C yesterday and my apartment was frozen. Every window was removed at almost the same time and the wind just blew right through. I ended up going downstairs to the party room to read, only surfacing when Colin called to say he was home. The workmen were still there.

Colin’s bedroom was finished first so we stayed in there chatting while the workmen worked. The, suddenly, we realized they were done and gone. We let the cats out of the bathroom, Oreo emerged sleepily out of the cabinet where he’d been sleeping behind the toilet paper, and Colin went off to pick up Angel.

I went out onto my balcony to tidy up, grateful that according to the notice, the workers were supposed to sweep up their mess after they finished. I’d seen their big grey garbage cans out there earlier. I’d left my thin wooden mat outside, figuring that it’s a mat and it wouldn’t be any problem to step on, and was surprised to find they’d neatly rolled it up and placed it at the end of the balcony. My surprise turned into anger when I picked it up and all their construction dirt and bits fell out. I swept it all back up again then warned Colin, thankfully in time, that his mat was probably full too, which it was. I thought about complaining but it’s not worth it. We’ll never have to deal with them again. They and their negative attitudes can sod off.

It’s going to take a little while to get used to our new windows. Both patio doors are much narrower than before. Narrow enough that my wooden bench no longer fits through so Colin’s put it in his room. Colin ended up with two smaller sliding windows nestled into a bigger window. Both have child safety locks but someone had already discovered how to defeat those locks and shared the trick with Colin. Which is good because they’re not really needed seeing as the window overlooks my balcony so no one’s falling anywhere and the windows are too small for anyone bigger than a cat to fit through. The nice thing is my patio doors has a small window right by my swing chair, so I can get a breeze in the summer.

Colin still has a few more items to go on his balcony and I have a couple of decorative pieces to go on mine but otherwise it’s all done. I’m so glad to get my apartment back!

Blackie Update: She is still loving her wet cat food and is now finishing her full portion morning and night. I can no longer feel her spine and she’s back to her normal self.

my room

You can see the small windows to the left. The middle pane of glass is the size of the screen door.


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